LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress for Peaceful, Relaxing Nights Review 2018

With the LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress, sleeping can become really comfortable, because there is no longer something that causes back pains or irritation all night long like in the case of regular mattresses. This special mattress has the ability to relieve pain and help people who suffer from sleep disorders like insomnia.

Made from memory foam, the LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress has the incredible ability to support the body without putting any pressure on the bones. This is because the memory foam molds against the body and remembers its shape and position as long as the body heats the mattress. Once the body moves to another position, the foam cools down and goes back to the initial shape. This way, the night sleep can be very productive as the entire body relaxes and the brain has the best conditions to concentrate only on refilling your batteries.

The LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress comes up with a new type of memory foam which introduces the “open cells” technology. These cells allow air flow, which is why the body will be completely supported without any additional pressure. The consistency is soft and doughy, unlike in the case of regular mattresses. It is this consistency that makes the LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress conform to the body weight without causing any pains or a stiff neck.

Memory foam mattresses represent a step up from the regular mattresses. And the LUCID 10″ Memory Foam Mattress is a step up from the regular memory foam mattress, which is why it is so popular nowadays.

Here is a list of the most important qualities of LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress that makes it a must in every home:

– The perfect mix of layers. The two major layers complement each other leading to a very comfortable surface to sleep on. Used for therapeutic purposes, the memory foam is perfect even for those who suffer from chronic back pain or joint pains.

– The zip-off cover. This cover is useful not only because it can be removed and washed easily, but also because it protects the mattress thanks to its antimicrobial, anti allergens, anti bacteria and anti mold properties. Those who suffer from allergies know how useful these properties can be for their well being.

– The 2 decades warranty! Very few mattresses producers offer warranty for their products for such a long period of time. This shows just how much they believe in the quality of the product and its resistance over time. Buyers are really impressed by this fact and they feel safe to buy the LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress.

– Everything is natural. A mattress that has in its composition chemical substances is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous for the health.

– The price. A good mattress is not necessarily expensive. In fact, producers tend to sell bad mattresses for large sums of money to cover their imperfections. People think that if they pay more, they get the better products. The LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress comes at an affordable price while making no compromise in what quality is concerned.

Professionals who analyzed the qualities and flaws of this mattress couldn’t find negative points that needed to be highlighted. Moreover, all their findings pointed out that the product is a high quality one that is worth purchasing.

The LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress is made of two layers of foam that sum up to the 10 inch thickness. These 10 inches are disposed as following: 2.5 inches of plush memory foam and 7.5 inches of polyurethane foam. To complete the perfect picture, the mattress has a third layer that is washable – a cover can be removed easily thanks to the zipper. This way it can be washed each time it is necessary.

Since the opinion of people who bought the mattress is more important than any study ever done about it, here are two samples of reviews that demonstrate how comfortable and efficient this product is:

Mike, 28 years old

“My job requires me to work several nights a month. Until recently, I had no problem sleeping, but a few months ago I started suffering insomnia. My mattress felt really uncomfortable and I couldn’t find a position that would help me relax. A colleague of mine told me that he had this problem too a few months ago but when he bought the LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress all these problems went away. I decided it was time to try it. This was probably one of the best decisions ever. I can now say that my insomnia issue vanished – I can sleep like a baby.”

Jessica, 67 years old

“As we age, all kinds of health problems make their way into our lives. There were moments when I couldn’t get out of the bed because of my back pain. All these problems stopped when my daughter bought me this new memory foam mattress. When I lie on my bed it feels like sleeping on a bead of feathers that supports my body, and which allows it to relax without experiencing any pressure on my joints and bones. The foam layers simply mold against my body and support it gently. Another feature that I love about it is that it can be cleaned easily thanks to the zipped cover.”

Our Opinion of the LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress

The LUCID by LinenSpa 10 Memory Foam Firm Viscoelastic Mattress with 20-Year Warranty is the perfect purchase for those who want to replace their old mattress with one that uses the most innovative technology to offer great results at a reasonable price. It supports the back, the neck and the shoulders and changes its shape according to the users’ needs. Moreover, it can be used by two people at the same time without them even noticing that they sleep one near the other.

Overall, this might just be the perfect mattress. The truth is that the LUCID 10 Memory Foam Mattress has no flaws at all.