LifeGear Inversion Table Review 2018

The LifeGear Inversion Table is the preferred economical solution for your exercise and health needs. It may not necessarily have the extra features usually found on inversion tables that are currently available on the market today, but it will allow you to experience the same benefits Mother Nature has to offer through the natural force of gravity.

This machine is offered at a cost that is affordable. Don’t let the lower price fool you into thinking that this is not a quality product. Its frame is constructed using a sturdy tubular steel frame. It will ensure that your body is always stable even after many years of use. It has also carefully considered safety features that allow you to adjust to different angles. The handles are uniquely designed to allow for easy maneuverability.

The LifeGear does a great job of relieving back stress and reducing the pressure felt on vertebrae disks. It will encourage blood circulation and provide needed relief for those rigid muscles. This in turn will increase your flexibility. This machine will soothe both your body and your mind.

LifeGear Inversion Table Features:

– The table comes with handles and safety straps.
– You are insured security and comfort with the molded ankle cushions.
– It’s constructed with sturdy steel.
– Comes with a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.
– Includes an owner’s manual.

LifeGear Inversion Table Reviews:

The LifeGear Inversion Table was reviewed by a total of 149 customers. From reviewing the comments, it seems that a good number of reviewers had very positive things to say about this product. Out of a possible 5 stars, it was able to get 4 and a half of them.

Many reviewers noticed that it was a very durable product. One reviewer had noticed that when she received the package that it was very heavy. This is a good sign that the parts are made of solid steel and a good amount of it. When you try the inversion table, you can put your complete faith in the machine because it has the ability to hold your weight.

A lot of reviewers liked that it was easy to fold, but with the comment made above, try to keep it in an area that will allow you to store it easily. Several of the reviewers, many men, had large frames and had a matching weight. One fellow was 6′ 4” and weighed 220 lbs. It worked just great for him.

Several of the people that had used the product said that it only takes a few minutes to bring relief to your aching back. He said that it will do more good than sitting for an hour in a hot tub.

First time users agreed that the feeling of hanging upside down is very relaxing. Some understand what the manufacturers stress when using the product. Once your back relaxes, your whole body will relax as well. It seems to have a ripple effect on other parts of your body, a good one.

Some complained that the front grips don’t feel too comfortable. One person had suggested the proper way to using the grips; the front grip should rest on the upper part of your foot and the lower grip on the upper back of the wheel. This way it will properly transfer your weight to your bones. It also helps to use heavy socks or shoes.