L’Equip Dehydrator Review 2018

The computer-controlled sensor of a L’Equip Dehydrator enables users to check the appliance’s temperature 60 times a second. This around-the-clock monitoring system creates an ideal dehydrating environment to dry a wide array of substances from food to flowers to herbs. The dehydrator generates as much as 550 watts and comes with a total of 6 trays that can be stacked to get 12 square feet of space for drying. Its thermostat can be adjusted from Fahrenheit 90 degrees to Fahrenheit 150 degrees, and this enables enough flexibility to dry anything from meats, poultry, and seafood, fruits and vegetables, jerky and granola, and even potpourri for the home.

The advantage to creating home-dried food items ensures that meals and snacks don’t need preservatives, and users have more control over what they eat. Dried snacks are ideal for camping trips and other extended travel out of doors. Drying retains more flavor and nutrients and can help the appliance user save more money on food supplies. Food can be consistently be dried uniformly with the appliance’s precise temperature control. The dehydrator is made of high-grade plastic 10 ½ inches tall when stacked with its six 17 x 11 inch trays, and with its easy-to-clean design, it is an ideal appliance to have for homeowners who want to save on food without skimping on health.

The L’Equip Dehydrator offers a 12-year warranty against defects, a feature many users vote for. Purchasers of this appliance enjoy the advantage of the appliance’s temperature control, and the easy-to-understand instruction book. Other users praise its solid construction, as well as knowledgeable customer service over the phone. Other pluses include firm trays that feature a fine removable mesh, its quiet motor, and non-bulky easy storage capabilities. It comes highly recommended by kitchen appliance owners as they don’t need to purchase all the extra accessories, such as trays, separately, making it an ideal drying appliance at an affordable price.

The dimensions of the dehydrator are round, not square. Thus, it makes it easier to store without taking up too much space on a kitchen counter. Its motor and fan is located at the bottom, and covered up sufficiently to prevent any particles from falling into the mechanism. It comes highly recommended by many users who enjoy the way the L’Equip Dehydrator makes drying food simple, economical and nutritious. With all the hype about unhealthy preservatives in pricey food essentials these days, it makes a great change to have healthy and delicious food whenever it is needed.

Best place to Buy

The best place to get the L’Equip Dehydrator is once again Amazon with their great price and service.