Kryptonite New York LS Bicycle U-Lock Review 2018

This model much resembles another bike u-lock by Kryptonite – Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bicycle U-Lock .The main differences is that this bike lock is slightly more expensive than the smaller model and it offers more flexibility and security.

Kryptonite has assigned 11 ranking to this item in the security system with 12 being the highest. The system has been developed by Kryptonite and this is definitely a reliable brand when it comes to bike security.

The long shackle ensures that you can lock a frame, wheel and a pole together using this lock only. Actually, if you remove the other wheel there will be enough place for it as well. This is really efficient – you need only one lock to provide top security. But if you don’t want to spend time on removing the wheel there is always an opportunity to use two locks: a U-lock and a cable. But Kryptonite New York LS Bicycle U-Lock is for those who want to get everything they need in one item.

Each of the three keys coming with this item operates smoothly in the disk-style cylinder of the deadbolt locking system. To make you feel less scared when you are unlocking your bike in some criminal street and it’s pitch-dark, there is one key equipped with a LED bulb. And if you register your lock on the brand’s website you are sure to receive a spare set of keys in case you lose them.

This bike lock is fairly heavy – but if you often have to park your bike in a high crime area such massiveness is a necessity. The item weighs 4.5 pounds – it might seem heavy but it is well worth it: when you always find your bike where you left it no matter how criminal the area is you start to see that a good-quality bike is a worthwhile investment. In case of Kryptonite New York LS Bicycle U-Lock heaviness doesn’t mean inconvenience – it means confidence and security.

This model can be called a heavy-duty lock. If you possess a really expensive bicycle it is highly recommended to buy such a substantial bike lock as Kryptonite New York LS.


The fact that this lock comes from Kryptonite New York series speaks for itself: a long shackle offers you a lot of options: you can lock both wheels and a frame to a pole as well as lock up two bikes. Even motorcycles are possible to be locked with Kryptonite New York LS Bicycle U-Lock. And it is constructed in such a way that you are very unlikely to experience any problems with the locking mechanism and the keys.

Product description:

Interior dimensions: 4 × 10.25 in
Weight: 4.5 pounds


Long 16mm shackle provides high level of security
Dust cover protects the unit from wear and tear
Long-lasting vinyl coating covers the whole unit
Comes with three keys (one with a LED bulb)
Made of quality, hard to break materials


The lock is pretty heavy and there is no mounting bracket coming with it.