Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bicycle Lock Review 2018

Perhaps the best bicycle U-lock created so far. A double deadbolt locking together with a hardened steel sleeve and center keyway ensure top security for your bicycle.

To live your life to the full in New York or any other big city it is not worth wasting time on standing in traffic jams – one need to look for some alternative ways to move around: underground is stuffy, walking on foot might be time-consuming. So riding a bike seems to be the best variant. To get nothing but mobility and joy one needs to take care of proper security – that is when one should think of buying a good-quality bicycle lock. Just like Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bicycle U-Lock.

The essence of the lock is a hardened steel sleeve with the diameter of 18 mm which is ready to confront such powerful thief tools as a hammer and a crowbar. The security is further ensured by double deadbolt locking. That is the kind of bicycle lock that thieves would be reluctant to deal with.

Having been tested in almost each part of Big Apple any Kryptonite lock proved to present a serious obstacle even for best-equipped bike thieves. The first success of Kryptonite bike locks dates back to the seventies when the first experiments on the Kryptonite lock were carried out. The bikes locks by Kryptonite spent days at NY’s most criminal areas and despite numerous attempts the locks proved unbeatable. That was about 40 years ago and considering the manufacturer’s constant improvement of quality you can guess what Kryptonite bike locks are like now.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bicycle U-Lock is pretty compact. That accounts for it being difficult to destroy with a car jack since it simply won’t fit. This bicycle lock is compact and stylish (a yellow sleeve is really catchy) and would make a perfect gift to a keen cyclist.

Kryptonite has developed a ranking consisting of 12 security ranks – this particular model has the top position in this system.

The bike locker comes with three keys including one equipped with a bulb for you to use the lock when it’s dark. Leverage attacks won’t be able to make the lock give in thanks to a center keyway. Note that there is an opportunity to register for anti-theft protection of $4,500.

It’s Kryptonite, it is top-quality, and it is extra-tough. Keep your bike fastened by Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bicycle U-Lock and no stress!


Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboutit Mini Bicycle U-Lock is sure to give a lot of trouble to those who dare steal your bike: first, it will be hardly possible to break it with any manual instruments because of its shape, heavy steel won’t break and the way the keyway is placed will prevent the thief from unlocking it.

Product description:

Number of keys: 6
Size: 3.25 × 6 in
Weight: 4.5 pounds


Top rank in the security ranking developed by Kryptonite
Sliding dustcover helps to maintain Kryptonite remarkable durability
Compact and stylish
Composed of heavy materials


Comes without a mounting bracket – you will need to figure out how to carry it around