KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review 2018

Best garbage disposal machines have two very important qualities- one, they dispose all kind of food effortlessly, and, second, they do not make a lot of noise. This Kitchen Aid continuous feed garbage disposal earns kudos on both these points. When it comes to choosing your next garbage disposal the choice is a plenty. There are certain things you have to keep in mind before coming to a conclusion. For example, you have to identify your requirements. Checkout the size available to you under your sink. You also have to find out if you’ll need a plumber to install it. Lastly, your budget is also to be considered. We help you learn about all these aspects of this KitchenAid garbage disposal.

Tech specs

This is not a monster of a garbage disposal unit. But it’s not tiny either both in terms of capacity and size. Its only 3/4 horse power so it’s ideal for a small family.

It uses continuous feed technology that’s operated by electrical circuit. Blades and swivels are all corrosion resistant and made of stainless steel. Overall, it’s a sturdy unit that’s built to last.

Power & Grinding Capacity

As said above, this KitchenAid continuous feed garbage disposal has 3/4 hp power, which is more than sufficient for a small family of 5-7 members.

It uses multistage grinding technology that means different kind of waste food is treated indifferent stages to ensure everything is grinded well.

Noise-wise also this one is pretty quiet. It uses noise-reducing components to reduce up to 40% noise and you can actually feel it.

Installation and Use

If you can replace your drain pipe than you can install this KitchenAid unit as well. NO rocket science. It’s only a matter of fitting it under your sink. If you are replacing a previous unit just make sure there is enough space for this unit. All instructions come bundled-in.

Customer Reviews

As of this date, there are 8 reviews on Amazon and it is one of the bestsellers under Garbage Disposal department.

“First time I turned this on, I thought it wasn’t working. It is so quiet–it’s wonderful. And powerful. I was replacing the same type of disposal–this one is MUCH better. I’m so pleased with the whole experience…

“I asked my husband for a new disposal because the builder grade that came with the house was terrible.
This is a gem. No vibration when you use it and it is very quite…

Some Points To Consider

– Just like everything else in life KitchenAid people are not perfect. For example, I never can understand why they don’t give power cable with the unit. You have to buy a separate cord. This was the case until very recently and if they have listening they might have sorted their acts.

– Another thing is again the installation issue arising due to larger than normal size of this unit. If you have less space than usual than you might need to make space for this.


If you have a good budget, KitchenAid continuous feed garbage disposal is definitely worth your consideration. At the moment, there are no bad reviews on this unit.