Kinetic Bike Trainer Review 2018

The Kinetic Road Machine is an amazing launch for your indoor workouts. It’s a perfect workout unit for sprints, intervals to whole day cruising. Moreover, Kinetic Road Machine is entirely leak proof which comes with a smooth and quiet operation. The large Flywheel offers a real road like stimulation and its automatic resistance helps you to adjust with changing speeds. The machine stays steady even during your out of saddle pedaling because of its trapezoidal leg style. Moreover, unlike regular fluid trainers, this workout unit does not lose resistance as the fluid gets heated up because it uses the thermodynamically neutral silicon fluid. This in turn ensures a measurable, repeatable and consistent workload at varied temperature.

Here are some of the features of Kinetic Road Machine:

  • 6.25 pounds of Flywheel offers the user with an authentic coast down; 15 secs to coast off from 20mph
  • Silicone proof fluid (thermodynamically neutral) to maintain a consistent resistance at varied temperatures; 5
  • 3000+W resistance unit
  • The fluid chamber is sealed and leak proof
  • Eighty cooling fins for dissipating heat which gives the machine minimum operating temperature
  • 2-18 inches of roller to reduce the tire wear; lifetime product and crash replacement warranty

The Kinetic Road Machine is an ideal indoor workout trainer which comes with real outdoor cycling stimulation. It allows the user to perform any of his workouts easily. The good part is that it is leak proof and the workout unit uses thermodynamically neutral silicon fluid to help it in keeping consistent resistance when the fluid heats up. Then the trainer is also equipped to perform in minimum operating temperature because of its eighty cooling fins.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about the Kinetic Road Machine

I am using the workout unit for quite some time now and am extremely pleased with its performance. The heavy Flywheel is a great high as it gives the ultimate outdoor feel. I am also happy that it is leak proof and a quiet performer. Lastly, I will say that I have used many trainers earlier but this is by far my best buy. I would certainly recommend the strong trainer to everybody. (Tom).