Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review 2018

If you are looking for a simple vehicle for your young ones to cruise around the neighborhood, then you should set your eyes on Razor E100. It is an electric scooter which is perfect for pre-teens and teens as it has a chain-driven, high-torque motor, completed with a handy twist-grip throttle really cool to zip over to a friends house near the neighborhood or just to head to the park.

With a small manual kickoff to 3 miles per hour before starting, your Razor E100 shall be ready to take you a ride around the neighborhood. Simply press the trigger to engage the motor, and once you are on the move, the electric motor will ramp up to 10 miles per hour a good speed to have fun but still safe, as it is not fast enough to ride on a busy street or sidewalk. As it has a long-life rechargeable battery, the riders can cruise for up to 40 minutes non-stop after charging the vehicle for about eight hours.

For easy storage, you can simply fold the handlebar and keep the scooter in any place as it doesn’t require large space to store the item. The 8-inch pneumatic front tire and 4.9-inch polyurethane rear wheel are truly designed for an easy transport, especially with the hand-operated front brake. It is recommended for kids with age 8 and older, with a maximum weight capacity of 120 pounds.

Each purchase of Razor E100 will include a pair of 12-volt batteries, a charger, and tools, plus a 90-day warranty. Once you get it out of the package you will find the device in two pieces: the handlebars/shaft assembly and the main body. You need to attach both parts and it is not a difficult thing to do.

Razor E100 Review

By the appearance, the scooter is pretty sturdy and solid. The battery lasts a good hour for both uphill and downhill riding, the large pneumatic tire even works fine on bumps and rocks. The standing surface is wide enough that the rider can put his feet together side-by-side, while the handlebars and shaft can be separated from the body for transport. You can have a quick ride with this scooter, quick enough for fun but still safe. So you don’t need to worry about giving this item for your young ones as the speed wont cause any danger to them.

However, I find the handbrake quite insufficient. You better not let your kids rely on it too much, as it will eventually stop the scooter. Assist them on the very first ride and teach them to steer out of situations and release the throttle. The effectiveness of the brake will mostly depend on the strength of the riders grip. Therefore, make sure your kids grip it with proportional strength, because the gripping power of kids in certain age group can be less than what is needed by the scooter-brake.

As the rear wheel is quite solid and slick, just like the one on a regular Razor scooter, it shall work well on most dry surfaces. But you need to be careful with the surface on which you ride your scooter; as such type of wheel can slide too easily in more situations compared to the grooved rubber tire.

The drive chain attached on the right side of the back wheel is nicely covered, unfortunately the cover is too large that it prevents most right turns, as it will make contact to the road and cause the back wheel to lose contact with the road.

There are a couple things you must note of the electric scooter Razor E100:

– The battery has an on/off switch, and according to the manual you must charge your scooter for 12 18 hours before use.

– The motor should engage after the scooter reaches 3 mph, and without the motor it will be useless. It is actually quite heavy to render, that once the battery dies, your kids will not able to use it as a regular push scooter (both because it is heavy and is not designed to be used that way).

– If you wish to purchase this as a surprise present, perhaps you need to give certain note to the seller about the packaging. Because, it ships only in the scooter box instead of in plain packaging that your birthday surprise could be spoiled any time.

– For the safety of the rider, make sure your kids wear helmet and/or knee and elbow pads. Considering the high speed, the young ones will need those especially for their first rides. The scooter is designed with only one speed, and the initial start can give a bit of a jolt to the rider. Some kids can easily get fractured bones without safety equipments, so to avoid troubles better make them wear those especially the helmet.

Razor E100 Overall View

Overall, Razor E100 makes a very satisfying purchase. It was made with a good quality and value for a toy that is fun to ride. A couple kids love having this vehicle, its like they are owning a pre-motorbike at their very age and they are very proud to ride this scooter. The specs and price could really fit your budget for a kids toy. You can assemble the parts easily and quickly about 10 minutes after its out of the package, and let your kids learn to ride it right away. It is also available in 5 colors: pink, red, hello-kitty pink, sweet pea, and blue, so you can choose the right color for your kids or make them choose their favorite color instead. The scooter is sleek and moderately fast with the speed which is safe and even recommended for ages 8 and older. If you want to purchase the ones with increased speed and power for older kids (age 13 and up) you should try the E200 or E300 models. But the price for these vehicles is slightly higher than this Razor E100 model, perhaps because the system is more advance as well.