Kids Electric Scooters Reviews – Razor A2 Review 2018

Razor A2 is just a regular kick scooter which you can give to your kids as a motivator to get actively moving, also as an alternative to riding a bicycle. Some kids nowadays prefer to stay at home and watch TV or playing video games, so this could be a great way for them to get a fun activity as well as a good sports alternative to prevent them from becoming overweight. One of the reasons why scooters are so popular among parents and children is because you can easily find this item almost in any stores, they are more lightweight than bicycles, and can be kept anywhere without needing much space, it is easy to use, carry and affordable. I can’t even find a reason why a parent would say no to their kids, if they demand this kind of item.

Okay, so back to Razor A2! This scooter is built of aircraft-grade aluminium, which is sturdy to hold up to use and even abuse through the years. Razor is clever enough to combine such material with the traditional aluminium construction plus a number of recent innovations, such as a springless shock system that makes bumpy pavement feel smoother on your ride, and an all-new wheelie bar that guarantees an extra fun. A foldable T-tube and deck are also added; they are tucked together to create a compact footprint which makes the scooter ideal for carrying when the condition is not appropriate for riding. The foldable T-tube also allows you to have a great kick scooter for virtually any situation that if you are an advanced user you can do a little acrobatic move with it. Other details of this scooter are the enhanced finger guard, 98 mm inline-style wheels, and a patented rear fender brake which allows quick stops.

This scooter only weighs around 6 pounds and supports up to 143 pounds, very light and sturdy enough for adults with such weights although it is designed for ages 5 and above. The product is also backed by a six-month warranty, so you can examine the parts with several experimental movements within the period.

I love Razor A2 for its high quality construction, which you can easily notice once you set your eyes on it, this product is really well built. The hard wheels will make you free from the worries of pumping, since it is not the type which requires pumping, and you can simply folds it within seconds to keep it in a very small space. It might sound funny but a friend jokingly recommended me to ride this as vehicle to work. Once you get to your office, no parking is needed simply fold it and get a bag to store this scooter and place it below your working desk until office hours ended, and ride it back home. I have actually never done what my friend suggested me with this scooter, I just write it here as I think it is not a bad idea for you to try.

What Will You Get with Razor A2?

The adjustable height handle allows taller or shorter riders to cruise with it; this is another reason why adults can ride it. The wheels spin smoothly and a person told me it can actually hold more than the recommended weight, he was around 185 pounds and his weight doesn’t bend the deck. But still, I wouldn’t dare to let someone with such weight ride with my Razor as I don’t want to put it in such risk. He also told me that the handlebars is quite short for those who are over 58, it causes him a sore back since he has to bend down to grab the handlebars. It has a good construction though, I guess you just have to struggle with the length if you are really tall.

Another feature which worth to praise is its brake on the back wheel. You can hit easily with your foot once you need to make a stop. The deck or foot board is also large enough that you can set your foot comfortably on it. It is very easy to use and no assembly required when you get this item out of its package. Just get it out of the box and set it upright, very simple and easy.

The kids love Razor A2 because its a simple toy which works similar to skateboard, but much easier to use since you can keep your balance with the handle. Considering its hard wheels, it is best to ride the scooter on a smooth surface or pavement.

Razor A2 Overall Review

Overall, what makes this scooter stand out from the average scooters are its front springless suspension, rear fender brakes, and a wheelie bar which is similar to what you’d find in more expensive performance scooters, these really make the scooter one quality ride. It offers you the ease of stopping, that your kids can avoid face-planting on the sidewalks. Regarding face-planting and any other unexpected incidents, remember to equip your kids with helmet as well as elbow and knee pads while riding with this kick scooter. You may want matching-colored safety equipments as well, to pair up with the scooter to add more style to your young riders.

Razor A2 is available in 5 colors: black, blue, purple, pink, and green. The whole body is actually all aluminum colored, except the handgrip and wheels. So the color I mentioned is for the handgrips and wheels only. The price is very affordable, and you can purchase it at Amazon.

Finally, I recommend Razor A2 as an excellent toy for you to purchase as gifts for your younger ones. I bet they will take it as a more serious ride, just like having their own means of transportation to go to school, visiting friends in the neighborhood, an alternative exercise tools to do in the morning or in the afternoon after school, or even to go shopping at the nearby store.