Janome Memory Craft 300E Embroidery Machine Review 2018

Best Embroidery Machine Reviews presents the Janome Memory Craft 300E Embroidery Machine. This new Janome embroidery machine promises superb results. Your designs, whether downloaded or made through embroidery software will have beautiful results once embroidered using the Janome MC300E. Everything you need to get you started is included in the Janome Memory Craft MC300E package.

This fully loaded embroidery only machine has features beyond your imagination and will give you the change for limitless creativity. The Janome Memory Craft 300E uses a PC link via ATA PC card where you can directly upload your images and patterns from your computer. It also has a wide LCD touch screen that displays functions and options to help you set your desired embroidery settings making your embroidery session easy and fun. The maximum embroidery size for the Janome 300E is at 5.5 x 7.9 with an embroidery speed Of 400 – 650 stitches per minute. Just like other the Janome Memory Craft series, the Janome Memory Craft 300E also has built in features such as 100 designs preloaded into the machine along with 3 built-in fonts and 2 & 3 monogramming letters.

The Janome Memory Craft 300E also has design features that allow you to drag and drop editing style, image resizing at 90%, 100%, 110%, and 120%, image rotation at 45 degrees increments, and image flipping horizontally and vertically. The machine includes hoops of standard size and larger size so you can have a variety of design patterns that can be compatible with your hoops. The Janome 300E also has “My Set Screen Controls” for screen contrast in cm designation and other customization. Just like all Janome products, this machine has multi lingual settings, stitch counter, stitch out time indicator, upper thread and presser foot sensors, manual thread tension control and a 1 piece sewing light at 110 volts that will help you see clearer under a broad light. Not only that, the Janome MC300E also comes with a bag of accessories including 4 Bobbins, Lint Brush, Additional Spool Pin, Spool Pin Felt, Spool Stand, Spool Holder (large), Spool Holder (small), Scissors, Screwdriver (2), Set of Needles , Standard Hoop A (with template), Standard Hoop B (with template), Instruction Book , Templates (for Built-in Designs), Instructional CD-ROM and Vinyl Machine Cover.

Janome Memory Craft 300E Features and Specifications

  • Embroidery only machine that focuses on delivering quality embroidery projects with its embroidery specific features and functions.
  • Wide LCD touch screen display for easy editing and to cater pattern and design related features such as the image horizontal flip, image rotation, image resizing and drag and drop features.
  • PC link via ATA PC card for easy transfer or embroidery patterns and designs.
  • Built-in 100 embroidery designs, 3 built-in fonts and monogramming letters.
  • Large embroidery space of 5.5 x 7.9 inches including standard and large hoops to accumulate your desired creative designs in various sizes.
  • Stitch indicator, stitch counter, stitch out time detector, and manual thread tension control for your stitching convenience.
  • One piece 110 volts sewing light for a brighter view.
  • Multi lingual system that allows major language translations.
  • Accessory bag
  • Vinyl covers for protecting your machine from dust that may ruin its performance.

Janome Memory Craft 300E Customer Ratings and Reviews

The bright LCD touch screen displays all of the necessary information and menus clearly making it a very user friendly machine and very easy to use. The machine needs to be attached into a computer or a laptop in order for it to download designs which is some kind of a down way according to other buyers since it is an extra effort for them. The machine is very compatible with all Janome software and computer operating systems making it very reliable when transferring patterns. The facts that the designs can be flipped vertically and horizontally makes enthusiasts love the machine even more. Through this feature, the machine gives them a totally different design angle.

The soft cover intended for the machine was also noticed since it keeps the machine clean and free of harmful dusts that may ruin the machine. The accessories are also considered a big plus since you do not need to buy them in order to start, after you set up the machine you will be immediately ready to start up your first embroidery project.