Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table Review 2018

The Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table is the cure you seek without having to make a visit to your local massage therapist. This table will solve many problems you experience with your body. It will help get the blood circulating properly, and it will eliminate fatigue and stress and makes the ideal in-house accessory to solve your health needs.

This machine will maximize the efficiency of your body by helping to tune up the lumbar traction and helping to reduce the pressure that is usually felt on your ligaments or vertebrae. Once you can fully relax your back, your body will have no choice but to follow. The Gravity 1000 will reduce the effects of aging, improve flexibility in your body and improve your athletic performance in the field.

This inversion table is well made and consists of a durable steel frame that is tubular. The powder coated finish is scratch proof. The backrest is made of a nylon material that is quite tough, but very comfortable to use. The floor stabilizers will prevent the unit from sliding around while your body inverts. It can accommodate a body weight weighing 300 lbs and can fold for easy storage.

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table Features:

– Durable inversion table that is ideal for circulation stimulation and eliminating stress felt on your back.
– Finish is powder-coated, strong tubular frame made of steel, nylon backrest.
– Stabilizers are non-skid; can invert at an angle up to 90 degrees.
– Carries up to 300 lbs and has ergonomic cushions for ankles.
– Dimensions: 25 x 62 x 49 inches and weighs 46 lbs.

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table Reviews:

The Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table was reviewed by 234 customers. With this many people reviewing the product, there is always a chance that the reviews will be mixed. Surprisingly, many were positive. Out of 5 stars, it was able to get 4 and a half stars.

Many people that used and reviewed this product had noticed that it was a solid table. One person had noted that although it wasn’t easy, it didn’t need a lot of brain power to put it together. For the price that you pay, it is surprising to see the quality of the bars that make up the unit.

A lot of the reviewers had really felt a difference in the way their lower backs felt after using the product. You really feel your body decompressing. One reviewer had shared that they had a herniated disc. He was a little doubtful that it would help much. When he tried it the first time, he felt immediate relief. He said it was very similar to machines used by professional chiropractors. The big difference here is the price.

Some reviewers had liked that it was more comfortable for the ankles, compared to ankle support found in other inversion tables.

One reviewer’s daughter, who trains for marathons, said that she felt a lot better after inverting. It seems to help one’s body recover much faster. The joint and back issues just seem to disappear.

Another person that started using the Gravity 1000 wondered why they didn’t do this 10 years ago. You may notice inches gained in your height as a result of the table. Overall seems to be a very solid product.