Inversion Table Review 2018

From the moment we are born, our bodies are subjected to the force of gravity, which puts pressure on muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. From the time we take our first steps, the part of the body that is affected most by gravity is the spine causing stress on vertebrae and compressing the discs between them. Most doctors treat the symptoms of back pain with medication but there is a drug-free alternative. It’s called an inversion table and here are a few product reviews for your consideration.

Body Champ Inversion Therapy Table

Customer reviews of this product are generally favorable. It is described as a very basic table that does what is expected. However some say it feels a little unstable and the pads that cushion the ankle cuffs are a bit thin. Another flaw is that the table does not change angle in small comfortable increments when you move your arms as instructed. Cosmetically, the height adjustment numbers are printed on labels that tend to get ripped when adjustments are made.

Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table

This table is described as sturdy, enabling the user to feel secure when inverted. However the board seems designed for shorter people as the back of the head comes in line to hit the board’s metal frame instead of resting on the mat. With its lower profile the arms of taller users tend to hit the ground. Other complaints include that it doesn’t go all the way back on its own and doesn’t lock into inverted position. Although the manufacturer claims the table will stow away flat, the word “flat” seems debatable.

Ironman Gravity Inversion Table

This inversion table gets high marks for solid construction and stability, particularly when you are in the inverted position. However, some customers say it does not fold up very easily and it takes up a lot of space. The ankle locks are described as uncomfortable, particularly on the top of the foot where most of the weight is supported.

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Therapy Table

This inversion table receives good reviews, particularly from elderly and heavier people who have a limited range of flexibility and motion. Users say they feel very secure on this board and that it feels solid whether you are hanging at an angle or fully inverted. Like many inversion table designs the ankle cuffs are said be uncomfortable but this model offers the alternative accessories of gravity boots and a bar attachment.

LifeGear Inversion Table

Customers who purchase this model say it is one of the best tables on the market for the price. The sturdy construction enables users to feel complexly secure when fully inverted. It is described as a quality unit that should last for years but its weight can be a bit of a drawback if you have to move it, particularly if you purchased it because you have a bad back. This unit has a series of adjustments that will fine-tune the table to accommodate a wide range of body sizes. This model is highly recommend and satisfied customers claim you’ll find it difficult to find a better table for the money anywhere.

There are a lot of in-home exercise equipment possibilities on the market these days designed to help you lose weight, tone your muscles and increase you cardio-vascular health. But inversion tables are the only products designed to alleviate the pain associated with joints and the spine. If you suffer from chronic back pain or joint discomfort, you may be surprised to discover how therapeutic and bit of reverse gravity on an inversion table can be.