Insinkerator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal Review 2018

When you have limited cabinet space in a small household, the Insinkerator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal is ideal for your needs. It grinds more waste but produces less noise with its patented revolutionary Multi Grind and SoundSeal technologies. Insinkerator has been in the market for eight decades, and has already produced more than 100 million food waste disposers. From lessons in the past, improvements in technology has been incorporated into the Evolution Series of disposers to set new dramatic standards for performance. The two main results from the demands of the consumers: reduced noise and improved grinding ability.

The MultiGrind technology in the Insinkerator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal guarantees to grind everything from stalks to animal bones. The two-stage MultiGrind Technology grinds difficult food items efficiently, including bones. This feature using a GrindShear Ring enables the grinding of food waste much better than any other disposer. The Insinkerator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal virtually liquefy potato peels, artichokes, celery and even rib bones to safely pass through into your sewage system. This means a pleasantly cleaner kitchen area and less clutter and trash bins in your home.

The SoundSeal technology is at least 30% off quieter than the regular disposers. The InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal’s Sound Seal technology uses an Anti-Vibration Mount, a Quiet Collar Sink Baffle and an Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount, making it quiet enough to continue your telephone conversation while it is running. The unit also includes an effective SoundLimiter insulation.

The Insinkerator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal features:

  • Insinkerator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal 3/4-horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor
  • Two grind stages: MultiGrind
  • 34.6 oz Grind Chamber made of stainless steel
  • Sound Seal for quieter grinding
  • Spring Type Hose Clamp
  • Quick Lock Sink Mount,
  • Quiet Collar Sink Baffle,
  • Jam-Buster Wrench,
  • Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount,
  • Anti-Vibration Mount,
  • Stainless Steel Sink Stopper,

Insinkerator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal Reviews

One reviewer said that the hardest part he encountered in the Insinkerator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal installation was removing his old disposer. He is glad to say that the instructions included in the box was thorough and covered everything and he did not have to know plumbing to follow the simple instructions. He also says he was surprised because the new unit is even 80% quieter than their old unit, it is even better than the 40% as stated by the manufacturer. They hear a low humming noise and very little vibration that they can carry on their conversation even while the unit is running. For him, the Insinkerator is a best buy and is recommending it that any other brand.

Only one reviewer said it is a little noisier than what he expected and will probably buy the less expensive model next time, because he doesn’t have much kitchen waste to need a really efficient disposer. A housewife suggested that the company include a tube of putty in the right amount for sealing the drain. As the unit is supposed to be installed by the homeowner and does not need calling a professional, households do not have putty lying around the house; and they need so little that the rest of the store-bought packages goes to waste for so little a job.

Most of the other reviews about the Insinkerator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal are all praises because it is easy to install, it is so quiet, and it is so efficient.