Inexpensive Hearing Aids Review 2018

Inexpensive hearing aids are affordably priced devices which represent a temporary solution for our hearing condition. They are not designed to last long simply because that is not why they were created but quite the opposite.

There can be various reasons why we would go for inexpensive hearing aids. One reason can be a tight budget. Another reason could be that we are not completely convinced that a hearing aid is an efficient solution for us. And of course there is the possibility that we would like to try out a certain device simply because we fear we can’t “deal” with the stigma of a hearing aid.

Starter Devices

Starter devices are probably the first inexpensive hearing aids to be developed. They target the consumers who acknowledge their hearing problems but are not sure if in fact they would wear a hearing aid. For this particular category of users, it is not worth it to pay thousands of dollars for a product that they may not be able to wear. And in my opinion it is reasonable that we get a similar but a cheaper product for a while to see how comfortable we are with the idea.

The starter devices are attractive both because of their incredibly low prices and because we are not stuck with them for years in a row. Also there are no tests and fittings necessary. You simply buy it and wear it for as long as it will last. Supposedly by the end of its lifetime we will know what to do.

A&M “Hear&Go”

A&M “Hear&Go” has a very suggestive name and has attracted many consumers. It is one of the inexpensive hearing aids which were designed to improve the hearing of people suffering from mild hearing loss. It is not larger than a dime and it fits into the ear canal. It is not produced in America and it is probably why it only costs about $200. And an intriguing detail: the manufacturing company is partially owned by Siemens, one of the most reliable hearing aids producers.

Inexpensive But Still Not Cheap

But Siemens is not the only experienced company which has advanced into the market of inexpensive hearing aids. GN ReSound, manufacturer of the Beltone hearing aids, has developed starter devices as well. But their price is situated somewhere around $500. The case is so light and the tube is so thin that a lot of people lose the device without even noticing it. It is a BTE that is literally worn on top of the ear rather than behind the ear and it’s been out on the market for about 2 years.

Songbird Disposable

Again we are dealing with a pretty suggestive name. Although it may seem unbelievable it is indeed the world’s first disposable hearing aid. And it is one of the inexpensive hearings which will only last as long as its battery works and that is about 30 to 40 days. The price is $40 which is unbelievably cheap.

Its manufacturer does not actually produce any of its components but buys them from different European and Japanese producers. This incredible invention is supposed to fit 90% of the ears. But professional hearing aids reviews state that 70% would be a much more accurate percentage. It provides 9 channels and a microphone 7 times larger than the usual ones.

Other Devices

Th e reaction of people to some of the inexpensive hearing aids is something like”it can’t be a hearing aid at this price! A hearing aid is at least $1000”. An Audina EZ Ear costs around $175 and an Audio D Simplicity is about $300. Their serious counter parts would cost 10 times more. It now becomes clear now why people are so confused at first. But we have to appreciate the role of inexpensive hearing aids which can convince more people to use a hearing aid for their hearing condition.