How to Select a Suitable Garbage Disposal

One must have never thought of that there might be criteria for selecting a Garbage Disposal unit. But yes, there are many factors which should be taken in to consideration. This article is a ready guidance for people who are looking/ thinking of buying a garbage disposal unit.

The garbage disposal technically named as “food waste disposer” is a wonderful kitchen invention. It shortens our work of getting rid of food waste in the home thus making our life easier and also eco-friendly. Garbage disposers take solid food waste that would end up in a landfill and crush it, then send it through your waste treatment system.

If that is a city sewer then the waste is handled there as waste water.

The chosen unit has to at least provide the basic functions and meet your requirements. In order to select suitable garbage disposal, there are a few factors you need to consider.

Here’s list of easy tips for choosing suitable garbage disposal

  • Have your plumbing system checked to see what kind of garbage disposal unit is compatible with your sewer and other plumbing hookups.
  • There are two main types of disposals, continuous feed and batch feed. Batch feed is more common in commercial applications and continuous feed is the most common disposal type used in the home.
  • Disposal motors comes in different power levels. Depending on your family size and usage, you can select the one that is most suitable for your household. Usually, in-home disposals have 1/2 or 1 horsepower. The former is fine for a small family with moderate disposal use, while the 1-horsepower disposal is designed for bigger and tougher jobs.
  • Go for the one with Stainless steel blades as they are strong, hard and more durable and also does a perfect job of grinding food waste into fine particles.
  • Be sure the disposal has a dishwasher drain connection. This will allow food from the dishwasher to be ground up and flushed out through the disposal system.
  • Look for special features such as overload manual reset, corrosion protection shield, sound baffles, self-service wrenches and anti-splash baffles. Ask specifically about noise level, a key factor for many people.
  • Some lower grade garbage disposal will jam often during grinding process. So, look for one with anti-jamming capability which will make your clean up fast, easy and effortless. Few models have auto reversing grind feature to eliminate jams.
  • Check warranties carefully.
  • Emphasize more on its performance rather than pricing. Prices ranges from just one hundred to several dollars. Most household unit that cost between one to two hundred dollars are very popular and should be sufficient for most consumers.
  • Check reviews on internet. Pay attention to what people say about how well it gets rid of food and how long it stays working. Check out the ratings given.
  • Check local regulations regarding garbage disposals. In some areas, disposals are not allowed.
  • Garbage disposal installation requires some knowledge of plumbing as well as electrical work. If you are not sure of your abilities, a plumber can install it for you.
  • If you have a septic tank, do not put in a garbage disposal before checking local laws and plumbing regulations

With the ever increasing diseases spreading through unhygienic condition a good garbage disposal unit would play a good role at least at home in maintaining Hygienic condition.