How to choose the right bike lock among the best

Choosing a bike lock among the staggering array of items available is hard. And if you have just got yourself a bike and never actually had to deal with the bike security it is twice as hard. But having some information at your fingertips is sure to help. So let’s find out where one can find this information.

First, of course, customer reviews in the Internet – especially the ones that are marked as the most helpful by the readers. Some customers are so concerned to find the best product that they don’t mind spending a lot of time carrying out their own experiments (like trying to break the lock with all the possible tools and noting down the amount of time required for doing that). Besides customers are becoming more and more fastidious and hard-to-please. If they are not satisfied with the product, they seek ways to express their dissatisfaction by writing detailed reviews pointing out all the disadvantages. And inexperienced bike lock shoppers can make good use of these reviews.

Then there are profound reviews written by experts – try to find the detailed ones where there are comments on different items of different brands. It is possible to come across really quality impartial bike lock reviews.

And another way to choose a proper bike lock is just to look around. This is pretty simple and quiet logical – if you have moved to the new neighborhood with your bike try to see what kind of bike locks the cyclists in the surrounding area use. Maybe the town that seems perfectly safe is rich in experienced bike thieves and you can watch this by noting the heavy locks on the bikes that you see.

In order to be successful in choosing best bike locks one need to know a few golden rules concerning bike locks.

First, if you live in a big city you should care about the highest level of your bike security. The thing is that big cities are unpredictable and you never know where you will end up with your bike even if you are very organized a cyclist. In case you are a big city dweller check out a series of bike locks that have New York in their names – these are sure designed for eventful lives of megalopolis livers.

Second, if you don’t know which of the two bike locks to pick, choose both. In fact sometimes the number of bike locks, even the most fragile ones, may scare the thieves away. Besides it is nice to have different bike locks for different situations. You are sure to appreciate the flexibility that your collection of bike locks offer.

And last but definitely not least – don’t think that it is always better to buy the heaviest and most expensive bike lock just in case. Remember that high security level often brings about poor portability. So if you don’t like the idea of having to tie a long cable around your waist when you cycle just because you thought that it is the best to buy the longest available, take your time deciding what level of security your bike actually needs.