How Storm Window Replacement Can Cut Heat Loss 2018

Storm window replacement is a home improvement which should rarely be necessary if quality materials are used in the initial installation, especially if the storm windows are fitted inside the main windows of the house. A durable material and a good installation should see the windows give many decades of good service, but if a cheaper and lighter material is used the windows will need replacing more frequently. If you notice that your home is suffering from more drafts and is feeling colder, now is the time to act.

If your home is starting to feel the effects of wear and tear from your windows, it is time to act and put the situation right. This will normally mean work to replace the existing windows, but it does need to be mentioned that replacement storm windows are only one of many options. If you have just bought the property and are intending to live in it for a long time, there is a strong case for having energy efficient windows fitted to the outside of the building so that the storm windows are no longer necessary. This is an expensive and time consuming job, but it will pay off in reduced heating bills for a long time.

There are other condensations which should affect this major choice, such as the location of the property and the condition of the rest of the structure. If a property is located in a desirable area, it is likely to attract the right type of buyers, and attract them even more if it has new energy efficient windows. Buyers will not be swayed by windows if other parts of the structure are in need of repair, or if the property is not really in a place where they would want to live. In these circumstances, it is unlikely that a full window replacement will pay off, and you will be better advised to replace the storm windows.

Once you have decided on storm window replacement, the next vital question is what to use for materials. One of the great arguments against storm windows has always been that they were flimsy and had a cheap appearance. That is often the case, but it does not need to be, especially now that we have many more hard wearing materials to work with. If wooden windows are coated with a plastic, they are much easier to clean and maintain, and they have more resistance against damp and condensation.

Another alternative is to use a completely new material such as aluminum, which you give you the same degree of protection against damage while at the same time giving you more strength and longer life. Aluminum windows can be used outside, so there is definitely enough durability for simple inside use. If you use the right glass and fit the window in the right way, you can cut drafts and save on your heating bills, but you can also bring a degree of sound proofing to your room. Many houses which were once relatively quiet are now noisy due to what has been built around them, so soundproofing can be a great help.

If you live in a region which has extremes of weather at opposite times of the year, you can even use your storm window replacement to take advantage of this. If the window is insulated and covered during the extreme cold, you can actually remove the storm window when it is no longer needed and when more air in the room would actually be a benefit. To make this possible, you simply need to use a detachable type of fitting when you install your storm window replacement.