Hair straighteners review 2018

Hair straighteners are very important object to making the curly hairs straight. The straight hairs may give you a new well-fashioned outlook. When conducting hair straightener reviews it is important to remember that every product may perform different depending on your hair style.

**GHD hair straighteners: Among lots of models of hair straighteners, the most famous series are the MK4 GHD series, which was launched in 2006 and often regarded as the ‘new-generation’ hair straighteners. Three basic models are available with all possible features and cheap price tags. Cheap GHD hair straightners have become very popular in recent years and many hairdressers use professional hair straighteners such as GHD straightners as they have a reputation as being the best in the business.

** Remington hair Straighteners: There are four series of Remington hair straighteners available in the market viz. ‘wet2straight’, ‘T Studio’, ‘Protect and Shine’ and ‘All That!’. Now, all of these products include some quality features and come with some good length of warranty period. ** FHI Hair straighteners: There are two series of FHI hair straighteners available, which can be regarded as the bests. The ‘Runaway’ series includes all the necessary features along with the stylish looks. But the price of this series is of higher side. On the other hand the ‘platform’ series could be regarded as the junior of ‘runaway’ series as it includes almost all the features with less price tags.

** CHI Hair Straighteners: The ‘pink’ series and the ‘turbo’ series of CHI hair straighteners are really famous among the customers. The ceramic models are regarded as the bests. ** T3 Hair Straighteners: The ‘wet-or-dry’ series of T3 hair straighteners are full of quality features but it lacks of quality customer care and warranty services.


Best hair straightener


Selecting the best hair straightener is not easy as there are so many cheap hair straighteners on the market to choose from. Professional hair straighteners have reduced in price over the last few years with many top quality products such as GHD hair straightners now affordable. If you are confused about the quality of different hair straighteners, then this article can help you lot. In this article we will mention the name of some of the top quality hair straighteners considering their reliability, their features, customer care supports and of course the reviews of the users.

‘FHI Runway’ series: This hair straightener series includes each and every feature that a good hair straightener could have. The heat conduction time is very fast and it can retain the heat up to 450F.

‘FHI Platform’ series: This series can be regarded as the junior of the ‘Runway’ series. The important features of this model are the ‘ceramic plating’ technology and ‘tourmaline integrity’ technology. Heat retention power is 450F.

‘CHI Pink’ series: This model could be a good choice for those people who want to perform the hair straightening jobs by own. Almost all the advanced features are included in this hair straightener along with the stylish looks.

T3 ‘Wet or Dry’ series: It is a very good hair straightener without any doubt if the features are considered. But you may face a little bit of problem regarding the ‘terms of warranty.

‘CHI Turbo’ Series: Though this model can beat any other hair straightener models without any doubt; the heat retention capability is not so good as of the ‘CHI Pink’ series.

Others: Other than the mentioned five series of hair straighteners, you may go for the GHD or Remington hair straighteners, which are also very good in quality.


Ceramic hair straighteners


People often try to have new hair styles and they use their ceramic hair straightners for different styles to create some brand new and great outlooks. By straightening the curly hairs, the dimension of the outlook could be changed. So people use the hair straighteners to make their hair straights. Among all sorts of hair straighteners, the ceramic hair straighteners are most famous one. Let me give you a little bit of description about the ceramic hair straighteners.

Formally speaking, the ceramic hair straighteners don’t differ much in the outlook as compared to the general hair straighteners. Basically the plates or the ‘blades’ in the ceramic hair straighteners are manufactured of the ‘ceramic’ resources. These ceramic hair straighteners are very much famous because the ‘ceramic’ resources generate the gentle amount of ‘infrared heat’.

Due to the ‘infrared heating technology’, the straightening of the hairs could be done after considering the condition (such as the moisture or the color) of the hairs. On other hand, the ceramic hair straighteners are quite cheap in price. The normal people can use the ceramic hair straighteners by them since it is quite easy to use. The ‘heat retention capability’ and the ‘heat conduction capability’ of these ceramic hair straighteners are very good. There are many companies who are manufacturing the ceramic hair straighteners successfully.

Among all the ceramic hair straightener manufacturing companies, GHD, CHI, Remington, Solia, and BaByliss etc. are very much famous around the entire globe.