GHD Hair Straighteners Review 2018

Cheap GHD straighteners

GHD is famous name in the circuit of hair products, especially for their GHD hair straighteners and GHD irons. They sell the hair stylers, cleansing and nourishing products, hair protectors and some other products regarding the hairstyle. In fact the products of GHD are generally of cheaper side if compared to the hair products of some other brands. But here we will discuss about the GHD products, which are cheaper among all of the GHD products.

Coming to the list of GHD stylers, there are 3 new-generation hair stylers available. 2 of them are of 119 pounds. But the cheapest one is of 109 pounds only, which is a ‘mini styler’ and suitable for the use of all sort people. Among the GHD hairbrushes, the ceramic GHD hairbrush is the cheapest. In fact, it costs about mere 10 pounds. The other two models of hairbrushes are of about 16 pounds and 17 pounds respectively, which is cheaper if compared to the other brands of hairbrushes. There are lots of hair cleansing and nourishing available in the GHD stores.

Among all the cleansing and nourishing products, the cheapest products are the shampoos. The 250-ml bottle of GHD shampoos cost about 10 pounds. There are some other cheap cleansing or nourishment products available of around 13 to 16 pounds. But some products of this category are really costly. All the GHD hair protectors are of 10 pounds. Last but not least, there are some cheap ‘GHD hairstyle finishing products’ available, which are of around 13 pounds only.


Pink ghd hair straighteners


Among all the GHD hair straightener models, Pink GHD hair straighteners is a popular one. This model is of quality and one of the best selling GHD hair products.. Let me give you a little detail about this product of GHD hair straightners.

Basically, this product of GHD is GHD IV series. In fact, sometimes this product is called as ‘GHD Hot Pink’. Like its name, the product is pink in color. This product comes with the packing of world-class quality. The carry-case for this product is completely heat resistant and designed with roll-mat. The customer of this product will receive two clips and a tutorial DVD on styling. The external design of this product is really attractive. This product is also capable to adjust the voltage of any place for its own. There is a ‘sleep-mode’ introduced in this model of hair-straightener, which turns off this device after 30 minutes.

This product also includes the technology of advanced infrared heating. Thanks to this technology, the straightening could be done after considering different conditions (such as the moisture, oil etc) of the hair. This product also conducts the heat in very rapid manner due to the presence of the microprocessor that is designed uniquely for this model. Thanks to the same feature this product can retain the heat for long time as well.