Gravity Inversion Therapy Table Review 2018

The Gravity Inversion Therapy Table will encourage your body to heal and recover from the natural effects of everyday gravity, compression and stress. This machine was made for people that are between 4′ 10” to 6′ 6”. This product will address problems faced in your spine, muscles and blood circulation and it will strengthen your back at the same time. This can be used by both experienced or amateur inversion table practitioners.

It has a solid frame and is made from durable steel, plus it has a design that will comfort your body. There are several settings to easily adjust the control rotation speed. It has tether straps that are also adjustable and the proper leg locks to ensure safety.

It will not slide on floors because it has protectors that are skid-proof. This will ensure that your table is kept in place. The table itself is very light and can fold to a smaller size providing for easy storage when it is not being used. Some assembly is required.

Gravity Inversion Therapy Table Features:

– Sturdy inversion table that has adjustable foam pads.
– Can adjust the pivot arms that control the speed that you rotate. It can adjust to 3 different levels.
– The footrest can easily be adjusted which will place you in the correct inverted position.
– Table can accommodate people that range in heights from 4′ 10” to 6′ 6”.
– Can carry the weight of 250 pounds and folds nicely for simple storage.

Gravity Inversion Therapy Table Reviews:

The Gravity Inversion Therapy Table was reviewed a total of 79 times by different customers. The overall impression of this product was quite positive. It was rated 4 and a half stars out of 5 stars.

A lot of the reviewers had agreed that it does a good job of relieving back aches and pains. One reviewer had been advised by his chiropractor to buy an inversion table because of the total body relief it provides, especially to the back. He was hesitant because his initial research had brought up various models that were priced quite high. When he saw how this model was priced he decided to get it. He basically said that he only uses it for an average of 3 to 4 minutes at a time and has noticed that it has helped with back spasms and lower back.

Many reviewers liked that it was lightweight and was not complicated to fold. Once folded, it will be able to fit behind a wall unit, inside a closet or even under your bed.

A few liked that it was able to fully invert. When in this position, you can do situps to help chisel your abs. It’s actually quite challenging in this position and you’ll get a good workout. Some suggested wearing sneakers or slippers when you invert, it will take pressure off your ankles/feet. There is foam padding at the crossbar so it will hardly be felt.

Many people have commented and said good things about the customer service. One reviewer had an end cap for one of the handles that was broken. After sending an email to customer support, they immediately mailed out new ones without any questions.