Excalibur 3500 B Food Dehydrator Review 2018 – Why I Definitely Needed This Machine

Food dehydrating helps me to preserve the nutrients in food for a longer time. Also, I simply prefer the taste of dehydrated food in some preparations. Food rollups or a crunchy flavoured broccoli, there are many different ways in which I have been using my dehydrator to make some exceptional products for my kitchen. With the many options in the market, when buying a food dehydrator I was obviously spoiling for choices. However, it is best to understand the features of the product before deciding which one suits best. This review deals with the product Excalibur 3500 B.Here are all the explicit details, which helped me, make my purchase decision.

Parallel Air Flow Mechanism:

The mechanism uses horizontal drying which is the most effective system.

The fan in the system is mounted towards the rear of the machine. The heater is placed at the bottom of the trays. The thermostat adjustments together with the fan’s drying effect efficiently reach all the food items and an even fashion. This gives faster and more effective drying results.

Adjustable Thermostat:

The Thermostat can be adjusted within a range of 95 degree Fahrenheit to 155 degree Fahrenheit. The range is unique because it is low enough that the enzymes and nutrients in the fruits and vegetables remain protected and yet. It is high enough that I do not have to worry about safety from the infection causing bacteria in the food.

Mesh Screens for effective drying: The mesh screens in the machine are 100% BPA free. They help in effective distribution of the dry heat while the food remains safe and non-toxic.

Limited prolonged Warranty:

The product comes with a limited terms warranty, which is available for a whopping 10-year period. I had to register for the warranty once I purchased the product from a reliable site

Affordable: When I purchased the product from the market reliable online portals, I received a chance to benefit from a hefty discounted price on the product. Also, in comparison to the other products in the market the Excalibur 3500B is quite affordable and comes with a host of powerful features.


The product’s unit dimensions are 8 Y2 inches H x 17 inches W x 19 inches D


Separate Parallexx sheets are available for the model and can be bought separately to replace in the unit after substantial use.


Effective drying mechanism is the buzzword for this particular model. The Parallexx airflow mechanism uses the rear mounted fan and thermostat technology, which helps in distributing the dry heat effectively

This draws the moisture out of the food products and help in preserving the active enzymes and nutrients


There is no auto shut off system or a timer. It does make a little more noise than a regular fan, so I had to keep out in the garden or at least away from the bedroom if I plan to use the system all night.


4.5 out of 5