Ferrari 7 Speed Folding Bike Review 2018

The Ferrari 7 Speed folding bicycle raises the bar on the traditional entry level folding bikes on the market. When you mention the name Ferrari, you immediately are drawn to the companies philosophy of cutting edge technology and performance racing history. The name Ferrari is no longer limiting itself to high end sports cars, you can now see the Ferrari name on pens, clothing, sunglasses, and now high end bicycles. You can expect only the top of the line technology going into a folding bike, and the Ferrari Speed 7 delivers on all points.

The latest addition to the Ferrari family is the adult 7 speed folding bike. This bike folds down to an incredible 25 pounds, allowing the user to lift it with one hand and place it safely in the back of the car or truck. The Ferrari 7 Speed folding bike comes with a full two year warranty and is designed by the world famous Colnago Bicycles. Ferrari is accustomed to building top of the line automobiles, and when they entered the bicycle game they made sure to partner with the most renowned custom design bicycle company from Italy.

The Ferrari folding bike has as much attention to details as its automobiles. You can see the quality of the bike in it’s 20″ Komda Alloy 6061 FD frame, Hi-ten Steel Fork and alloy rims. You will feel the difference when you climb aboard this bike, because the ride is smooth and far superior to any folding bike in it’s class. The quality of all the bike’s components contribute to the overall performance of the bike.

With the Ferrair 7 speed folding bike, you can simply fold it up in a few seconds, and store it in the trunk and get going. Once you get to work, you can use the bike to head out for a short cruise at lunch, or even ride to the gym across town and be back in no time at all. The amazing thing about this Ferrari bike is that once you see how the bike rides, you may be inclined to spend more and more of your lunch break riding around town. You will be doing your body good and helping keep car emissions down too.

The Ferrari folding bike stands miles ahead of it’s closest competitors because of the Tektro brake set, the alloy frame and rims, SRAM Derailleur shifters and the Tektro brake set. Each particular part of this bike screams luxury, and you will be the envy of every other rider when they see this bike. Ferrari bikes stand out in a crowd, from their sleek curves and sporty lines not normally seen on a folding bike.

If you are in the market for a folding bike and can afford luxury, you may want to opt for the Ferrari 7 speed bike. With a price tag in the $1,100 range, you will see instantly that no detail was overlooked and you can finally tell everyone you own a Ferrari. Even though the overall design of the bike is incredible to look at, it is the performance that will leave you speechless. The bike performs as well as it’s automotive counterpart, flawlessly. Be the first to get your hands on this incredible folding bike, and “Ride a Ferrari”!


Only weighs 25 lbs.
Folds in seconds
Ferrari Red