Excalibur Food Dehydrator Review 2018

The Excalibur food dehydrator can be considered as a must-have in every home. It comes with the best technology in food dehydration. You could easily create desserts in the form of dried fruits, which is actually a better alternative compared to other sugary foods. And for really delectable beef jerky, Excalibur is the best.

Excalibur uses its own patented technology in food dehydration. It makes quality food dehydrators that could have you drying foods in a jiffy. This is the right food dehydrator if you have an abundant supply of foods and you could not just consume them in just a few days. So storing up some of these foods for future consumption could be done effectively using an Excalibur food dehydrator.

One of the notable dehydrators by Excalibur is the 3500 Deluxe Series. This has 5 trays where you could place various kinds of foods to dry up. This is a heavy duty model because this is made to last you for a long time. The trays are made from polycarbonate and have Polyscreen inserts. It uses a 5-inch fan that guarantees even heating.

Its 400 watt heating element is just enough to produce really nice dried treats. The thermostat could be adjusted to your liking. You can choose from 85 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit. You could then enjoy vegetables, fruits and meats. The airflow of this Excalibur food dehydrator is horizontal, which is considered by many as the more efficient manner of dehydrating foods. So you get to enjoy fresh dried foods, providing the whole family with the healthiest foods.

If you are thinking why drying foods is a healthy alternative, the answer to this is truly simple. Drying does not destroy the nutrients found in foods, unlike cooking them using high heat. So if you’ve got fresh dried foods, then you are assured of having a healthy treat all the time.

The 3900 Excalibur Deluxe Series is another good quality Excalibur food dehydrator. In fact, this has a larger capacity than the 3500 deluxe series since the former has 9 trays. This gives you more space where you could place a wide array of foods without much difficulty.

I have been an Excalibur fan ever since food dehydrators became popular. Since we are only 5 in the family, I don’t need lots of trays for drying. I just use the 3500 Excalibur deluxe series and I always get to have the best dried foods to serve my family.