Excalibur 3926TB Review 2018

Food dehydrator helps to preserve food items, fruits, vegetables and meat items. It removes the moisture content from the food items and keeps them dry so that the food can be preserved for a long time. As it removes the moisture from the food, it helps in restraining the food from bacteria, as bacterias grow under moisture and prevents from food spoiling also.

Food hydrator requires heat to take out the moisture from the food items which is obtained from electric energy or solar energy.

Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator:


  • Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator is a 9 tray dehydrator with 15 square feet space to dry the food.
  • Automatic timer setting helps us to set the timings and continue with our activities without worries. This dehydrator has a 26 hours timer that helps us to set the timing 26 hour prior and forget it.
  • The device has an automatic On/Off functionality that helps us to on the device and once dehydration is done, it turns off automatically.
  • This is very well suited for large families since it contains 9 trays with 15 sq ft spaces in each tray.


The Excalibur 3926TB Food Dehydrator comes with a weight of 22 pounds and 19 * 17 ‘ 12.5 inches in dimension. There is an inbuilt fan if 7 inches. The product comes with black color and is of 600 watts.


With the dehydrator, we get a warranty of 10 year and extended warranty for 4 years for $ 58.99 or a 3 years extended warranty for $33.96. There is also a guide for dehydration included in the kit which is absolutely free.

Pros & Cons:

It has 26 hours timer which helps you set the timer and go to bed or go out.

Easy to clean and maintain as the fans are located at the rear end.

Uses less power of only 600 watts.

It is not suited for smaller kitchens and can be used only for larger families and in garden areas.

The back door has the tendency to rattle when it is switched on. And also the fan sometimes makes whirring noise.

Customer Ratings

It has a good customer rating and has a 5 star rating in Amazon.