Emoto Ridge 3.0 Folding Bike Review 2018

The Emoto Ridge 3.0 folding mountain bike is a motor assisted bicycle that is capable of maintaining 16 MPH with little assistance. The price tag is quite expensive but you are getting state of the art riding equipment that is capable of riding in normal conditions and off road too. With all the features of the Emoto Ridge, you will be well on your way to a truly amazing riding experience whether on the streets or off road.

The Emoto Ridge 3.0 folding bike easily folds up to half the bikes size. The folded bike measures 38″ x 23.5″ x 41″. It isn’t the most compact folding bike in the industry however it is still capable of being placed in the trunk, behind your chair at work, or in a closet at home. Where the Emoto Ridge does stand on it’s own is the unique motor that can maintain speeds around 15 mph and travel approximately 20 miles on a single charge. Your motor has zero emissions which is eco friendly and green conscious.

One of the many advantages the Ridge has is the climbing assistance with the built in torque sensor. You can climb small to moderate hills using the motor assist with literally no difficulty. The Emoto Ridge bike has a sensor that can tell how hard you are pedaling and provide instant power that matches your pedaling effort. From the novice to professional, you could easily maintain the bike’s top speed with very minimal pedaling. One of the bikes many unique features is that when you do stop pedaling the bike, the power is interrupted, giving the rider total control. You can easily remove the battery when you get home or charge the battery while it’s still on the bike with any traditional electrical outlet.

This folding bike has 26″ tires, has a front adjustable zoom suspension fork, a live rear swing arm with KS shock, and an ultra light Panasonic 24 volt 9ah battery pack. Emoto Ridge comes with a 2 year electronicsemoto shocks warranty on the motor, the battery and the controller. The manufacturer has an incredible 10 year warranty on the frame leaving many potential buyers confident this bike is built to last.

If you are looking for a folding bike to use in urban setting, this might not be the bike you want. The bike does not fold to a compact enough size and is very heavy to lug around at 48 pounds. This bike was truly designed for offroad mountain biking. The Emoto Ridge comes with the Shimano© Tourney 6-speed Gear Set and TX-51 shifter. The Ridge also uses Tektro disc brakes to stop the bike. One feature you will notice immediately is on long downhills. The ride over rough terrain was noting short of smooth from top to bottom of hill. If you are in the market for a mountain bike, with motor assist, you will be absolutely satisfied with the Emoto Ridge 3.0 folding bike. Although it has a hefty price tag, you will get years of enjoyment from this durable and fun bike.