Emotion Spitfire Inflatable Kayak Review 2018

The Emotion Spitfire Inflatable Kayak is perfect for a day at the beach, an afternoon on the lake, or wherever you want to enjoy traversing the water from on high. This brilliantly designed water craft is perfect for novice and experienced kayakers alike, whether it is a child’s first time out on the water, or a relaxing release for a grandparent. Its highly defined tracking potential allows the paddler to remain in charge of the expedition, resulting in easy maneuverability, without errant veering or waffling on the water. Its sleek and savvy design allows for a quick jaunt across the water, while maintaining an excellent level of stability that results in a comfortably smooth ride.

The Emotion Spitfire Inflatable Kayak allows the paddler to sit on top of the vessel, giving you maximum performance while enjoying the excursion. The shallow hull keeps speed and tracking at a perfect level, allowing you to tailor your time of the water for superior entertainment. This kayak is constructed from polyethylene plastic that is specially compounded, UV-resistant and easy to repair, allowing you to enjoy it effortlessly, year after year. In addition, the foot braces provide comfort while paddling, along with the always important amenities such as drain holes and a molded, beverage cup holder. The Spitfire measures eight feet in length, thirty inches in width, and weighs thirty eight pounds and can hold the capacity of 240 pounds. Emotion kayaks include a limited three-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

Emotion Spitfire Inflatable Kayak Features

– Sit on Top Designed Kayak
– Constructed from Specially Compounded Polyethylene Plastic
– UV-resistant to Retain Vibrant Color
– Designed for Years of Carefree Use, and is Easy to Repair
– Dual Carrying Handles at Each End of the Kayak Provide Maximum Portability
– Built-in, Fold Down Back Rest for Comfortability
– Tank Well with Bungee Cords Provide Secure Gear Storage
– Includes Paddle Ledges with Paddle Keepers
– Molded Drink Holder, and Drain Holes
– Molded Foot Braces Allow for Comfort While Paddled, without Pinching
– Measurements: Eight-foot length; 30-inch width
– Weighs: 38 Pound
– Total Weight Capacity: 240 Pounds
– Includes a Limited Three Year Manufacturer Warranty Against Material Defects, and Workmanship

Emotion Spitfire Inflatable Kayak Reviews

One user says this vessel is incredibly easy for her kids to use. So much so that she purchased two! Her kids race up and down the lake with ease, thanks to the stability the craft provides. She loves the amount of exercise they get while using the kayaks, and appreciates the fact that they actually enjoy living on a lake, without taking advantage of the water’s existence.

Another user bought the Emotion Spitfire Inflatable Kayak for his mother, and she absolutely loves how easy it is to get in and out of. She uses the kayak to increase her exercise intake, and to enjoy the weather on the lake. It helps her balance and is a perfect way to expend energy. She recommended it to a friend, and now has someone to stroll across the water with. The two of them are teaming up to get other seniors to enjoy the same excitement.