Emjoi Optima AP99 Epilator Review 2018

If you are looking for a handy epilator that you can easily take with you, add the Emjoi Epilator Optima AP99 to your list of candidates. It has a compact design and comes with a travelling case for easy packing.

Despite the size, it can remove hair as much and sometimes even better than other epilators in the market. You can enjoy hair-free, smooth skin for as long as six weeks.

Like other Emjoi products, the Emjoi Epilator Optima AP99 possesses the tweezer disk system with dual opposed heads. This produces smooth skin and longer hair regrowth time. Aside from this, you will also enjoy other features of this product.

Emjoi Optima AP-99 Features

– It has a contoured design that keeps the skin taut resulting in less pulling and causing discomfort.
– It removes the hairs right down to the root. This includes even the finest of hairs.
– The more you use the Emjoi AP-99, the longer the regrowth time is and the hair that grows back is finer.
– Emjoi Epilator Optima has a double active surface. This cuts your time by half compared to other epilators.
– The soft touch grip makes it more comfortable to handle and easier to control.
– It is easy to bring the Emjoi AP99 because of its compact size and the travel case. A great travel buddy especially on long vacations.
– It directly attaches to an open electrical outlet so you don’t need to worry about charging or replacing batteries.
– Emjoi Epilator Optima AP99 comes with a foil shaver that has a built in long hair trimmer.

Emjoi Optima AP99 Some Tips and Advice

You might experience pain if it is your first time to use an epilator. This is normal in the first three or four uses because the hair is firmly rooted under your skin. But with succeeding use, the hair that grows back becomes finer and the pain is lesser.

A hot shower before epilation is a good way to prep your skin. This can loosen the hold of the hair roots on the skin. You can also apply moisturizer or after epilation products to lessen the pain and prolong the regrowth. Pre and post epilation products like wipes, sprays and lotions are also available.

Some problems might arise for some customers with coarse thick hair as it may need more passes so it may take more time to use the Emjoi Epilator Optima AP99.

There might be more pain with first time users. It is advisable to have a warm bath or shower first. Using loofah and a grainy scrub while bathing can also help. You can also use a soothing lotion after epilation to keep your skin moisturized and prevent ingrown hair.

A few minor drawbacks

An issue some people might have with the Optima is the placement of the cord. It is attached to the side which makes it difficult to handle for those with very small or very large hands a few customers have mentioned this but it is something that you can get accustomed to over time.

Some customers also prefer a cordless rechargeable epilator model so they won’t bother getting near an outlet. However, the handle itself is another thing since it is quite small it might pose some difficulty for them as well as those with grip difficulties like those with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Another thing that some customers find bothersome is the noise level of the Emjoi Optima AP99 which is much higher than that of other Emjoi Emagine Epilator models.


Despite these issues, majority agree that the pain is less with the Optima AP99 compared to that of other products and the interval of use is longer because of slower hair growth, which is what it is all about.