Elite Fitness Inversion Table

The Elite Fitness Inversion Table is the unique solution for helping you to relieve tension in your joints, pain in your back and to improve the overall circulation for your body without needing to visit your local masseuse. It works by using the natural forces of gravity by turning your body upside down.

This simple movement will have elongating effects on the spine, and will relieve pressure on your ligaments, discs, and nerve roots. This will also add the needed space to your vertebrae. When there is no more pressure to be felt on your back, it will have a ripple effect and less pain will be felt in your neck and head, reducing headaches.

This machine is specially designed for anyone that consistently experiences pain in their muscles and spine. It is ideal for skiers, weightlifters, golfers, runners and cyclists. 25 minutes a day of this simple stretching exercise will have exponential positive effects on your whole body. This table will allow you to confidently stretch at different angles. It has great stability on uneven and poorly floored basements and garages.

Elite Fitness Inversion Table Features:

– Solid inversion table that will improve overall circulation and relieve pain in your back.
– Addresses problems in ligaments, discs and nerve roots.
– Has a back pad that has breathable fabric and a 3 position bench.
– Works in challenging surfaces with the help of the 4-point pod-style base frame.
– Can fold for simple storage and has foam handlebars and leg rollers.

Elite Fitness Inversion Table Reviews:

The Elite Fitness Inversion Table wasn’t reviewed by too many customers, 28 to be exact. But for the reviews it did receive, many of the comments were quite positive. Out of 5 stars, this product was able to get 4 and a half stars.

A lot of people liked the height adjustments on the inversion table. It works with a good majority of the population. Others liked that it had the ability to fold. Many people don’t always like seeing a piece of exercise equipment taking up the space of their living room or bedroom. It’s good to know that you can improve your health without having to sacrifice space in your home.

Others liked that it was easy to assemble. One user said that he used a ratchet set to put his unit together, instead of the common wrench and it was quite quick, about one hour. The instructions were very clear and helpful. Each part is numbered. One reviewer had noticed they had a missing part, a crucial bolt. They were pleased when they got the replacement part 3 days after the call however, and were quite pleased with the response time of the customer service team.

Many people agreed that the unit does what is advertised and that is to help relieve pain and to align the spine. It really gives you a good full body stretch and you can feel the effects in your whole body.

Many liked the price. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a peek into the world of inversion tables. If you find that you like the feeling, then you can decide if you want a higher priced one, or even need one for that matter. This one seems to be sufficient enough to many.