Electric Scooter Review 2018

How to Select the Right Electric Scooter for Your Kid

There are several things you need to make sure you know about electric scooters before you pick one for your child. Below we go over some important things you should know about electric scooters.

You Child’s Weight

One of the most important thing to consider when purchasing an electric scooter is if it will handle your child’s weight. You cannot just go to the store and buy any scooter. This is one of the major factors you should know when picking out your electric scooter. Although, many scooters are very powerful than they were even a few years ago you still need the correct size of motor for the weight of your child. Electric scooters work better while carrying the least amount of weight. The heavier the person on the scooter, the more your scooter’s performance will diminish. A good tip is to always pick out a scooter that can carry 50lbs more weight than the person that you are getting the scooter for. A good example is if your child weights 100 lbs and you have a scooter that can handle 120 lbs of weight or 200 lbs of weight, you should pick the scooter that can handle a 200 lbs person.

The weight of the person also determines how long your scooter will run and the distance it will go. The heavier the person is, the less distance the scooter will go. So when you look at scooters be sure to look at the max distance the scooter will go. Already using our tip above, if you pick a scooter that can carry 50lbs than the person you are buying it for, you will find that the distance will usually work for the distance on the box, if not longer. If you get a scooter that cannot carry more then 50lbs of the person riding it you will notice their ride time and distance is a lot less than what is stated on the box.

One important thing that you should know that they don’t tell you about electric scooters and that you won’t find on the box is that the riding time and distance is also governed by your riding conditions. Riding up hills, speeding a lot, and weather all affect the riding time and distance the scooter can go.

So determine which type of electric scooter you are going to purchase based on the average distance that you are going to be traveling between charges.

What Will You Be Using The Scooter For?

You should also keep in mind what the scooter will be used for when picking out the right scooter. Knowing what you will be using it for will further help you pick the perfect scooter. If you will be using it during early morning or dusk hours when it gets a little dark you may want to consider getting an electric scooter with a light. If you plan on using it during the day then you may not need a highlight.

More About Selecting The Right Scooter For Your Child’s Weight And Age

100-140 watt electric scooters are almost perfect for kids that are ages 5-8 yrs. Depending on your child’s and weight at 8 yrs, a 100 watt scooter may be a little to small. So be sure to keep reading on about other common size engines in the electric scooter market to see what’s available for a taller or heavier child.

Most 100-140 watt engines will come with solid rubber wheels instead of inner tubes. You may consider a different scooter because of these wheels if your child will be riding rougher dirt roads as the wheels won’t last long on them. Most 100-140 watt scooters carry kids that are weight up to 120lbs, some rate higher, but most common ones you see on the market don’t. Again, following our earlier rule. This size of scooter should be only used with kids 60-70 lbs for best performance, riding time, and distance.

Next up are the 250 watt electric scooters which are usually made for ages 6-14. In this range of scooters, you usually find inner tube in the tires. This makes the ride a lot smoother then the rubber wheels. Many scooters at this size have can carry children or teens that weight 150 lbs, some even more.

Who says kids have to have all the fun, next up the 350 watt electric scooters. These scooters can carry a child 14 or older, but also can usually carry adults with no problem! Oh, yes, fun for the adults too. These scooters are perfect for older kids that are responsible. It can be a bit too much of a danger for little children or less responsible riders. The 350 watt scooters are the cream of the crop. Made for speed, durability, safety, convenience, and of course much fun! If you trust your child riding one of these scooters, then they will not be disappointed!

We hope our sites educates you further on picking on the right electric scooter. We have carefully reviewed the best electric scooters out there. You can easily find the right scooter by reading the articles on our sites and using reviews to compare prices, features, specifications, and many more.

We hope you the best of luck in finding a electric scooter that will last you for many years of fun!