Don’t Buy The Body Sculpture BM1500 Power Trainer Until You Have Read This!

Bearing the introduction to vibration machines in mind, let’s have a look at what the Body Sculpture BM1500 has to offer for us. First impressions are important and with BM1500 the features certainly impress.  When you order it, you must remember you need to assemble it yourself, but fear not, the BM1500 is really easy to put together and it has a sturdy feel that builds your confidence to step on it if you are a novice.

This particular machine is designed for home use only and if you are adverse to joining your local gym this is an excellent addition to your home exercise regime. If you are new to vibration training start carefully with lowest settings and build up speed over time. Even with a relatively small 250 watt motor you will get a full workout at full speed that will take your breath away. The BM1500 is easy to move around because of the wheels underneath it and it is quiet when running.

BM1500 Features:

Feature                               Details

Grade                                  Designed for home use

Exercise plan                    20 different user positions/exercises which help to target many different muscle groups and body areas

Speed/Frequency             10 different speed /frequency increments 1300rpm – 2200 rpm

Number of Programs       3 pre-set programs

Maximum User Weight   100kg

Dimensions                        54cm x 50cm x 120cm

Machine Weight                22kg

BM1500 is ideal to improve your general fitness, muscle strength and especially tone. Because the BM1500 is meant for home use it is sold for an affordable price at Amazon. Normally these machines (the ones you see in the gyms would cost five times more, are larger and heavy duty, meant to be used all day long). For what you get with this price is a reliable vibration machine for a novice user who is under 100kg. As the vibrations cause a reflexive response (contraction and relaxation) in the muscle you may find using this machine decreases muscle soreness if you practice other forms of exercise that usually leave you sore.

The Good

  • Sturdy, solid steel frame
  • Large, easy to use program panel
  • Small size, wheels for easy storage
  • Varied programming, including max 6.5 minute programming so you never overdo it

The Bad

  • The handle pole vibrates slightly if fully extended
  • Maximum use weight is only 100kg (16 stone), so not for the heavy weight champions out there

Given the robustness of this machine and its small size it is ideal for the home user who is thinking of getting their first vibration machine. It may not be suitable for the very tall and heavy given the features, but majority of users find it helps with their muscle toning and aids their weight loss together with their diet modifications. If you are convalescing from an injury and cannot exercise normally this may be your bridge exercise until you have recovered. Always consult your health care provider in these cases.