DeWalt DCF885C2 Impact Driver Review 2018

If you are looking for an impact driver product that is compact in design and comfortably cordless, the DeWalt DCF885C2 Impact Driver is the best tool for you. This device aims to revolutionize the way skilled professional device users as well as the weekend crafters get the job done through 20 volts of power. When this product was released, it proudly stood out among others. At present, this product has been turning heads and uproars positively.

Who Could Buy/ Benefit from This Product?

The DeWalt DCF885C2 impact driver is especially designed for plumbers, construction workers and skilled professionals in the industrial environment and even to those DIY enthusiasts at home. This DeWalt DCF885C2 impact driver will be very beneficial to them since it extends superior excellence in its performance. It is a must-have in every household if you want to get your job done fantastically without consuming most of your time, which is very beneficial especially if you are a busy person.

Product Description

The DeWalt DCF885C2 impact driver possess a 20 volts MAX Lithium ion with ¼ inches impact driver that projects a compact and lightweight design that can effortlessly fit into any small areas. It measures 5.55 inches from the front part to the back part and weighs only 2.8 pounds. It acquires 3 LED lights with a delay of 20 seconds subsequent to release of the trigger, which aids in the trouble-free visibility even without shadows. DeWalt DCF885C2 impact driver possesses a one hand loading hex chuck which measures ¼ inches and acknowledges one inch bit tips. This device is indeed little in size, but you will not believe its ability to perform toughly. It produces up to 3,200 impacts every minute and boasts of its 117 foot to pound maximum torque. The charger is stamped with Energy Star fit for an enhanced environment. The kit includes two 20 volts MAX lithium ion Ah battery packs and a fast charger, a DCF885 ¼ inches impact driver, a belt hook and a kit tool box.

DeWalt DCF885C2 impact driver Features and Specifications

– Lightweight and compact design easily fits into tiny areas, measures 5.55 in inches from front up to back and weighs 2.8 pounds
– Have 3 LED lights that have a delay of twenty seconds after releasing the trigger providing visibility even without shadows.
– Comfortable one hand loading hex chuck that measures ¼ inches and allows a 1 inch bit tip into it
– Very portable with an included belt hook
– Motorized by a charger that is Energy Star qualified for an enhanced environment


This product is indeed very compact as the name obviously indicates. It fits ergonomically comfy that easily fits in your hand as if it is a natural part of your body. It is astoundingly lightweight measuring only 2.8 pounds that can let you manipulate tight and awkward-spaced environments. The tool is exceptionally well-balanced and designed better than other devices of this kind. Finishing the task will be made simple with this impact driver. It maybe small in size, but it is equipped with immense power. DeWalt has ensured the tasks can do huge improvement no matter what the power force is. This tool stands with utmost pride with its 3, 200 impacts per minute or IPM, 2, 800 RPM and 1, 400 inches to pounds of maximum torque, which allows the user to garner pretty bit of hit from a startlingly tiny package. This device is also available with a 3.0 Ah battery that allows the device to exert its heightened performance lasting for an extended running time stronger than other batteries.


This product has a very little downside found to be irrelevant. The instruction is printed in a hefty newspaper-like fold out paper rather than the usual user manual which is pamphlet-type. The words cannot be read clearly because they are very tiny, but these downsides will not affect the performance of your impact driver. It is also priced fairly, so there is no need for negative quibbles.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The DeWalt DCF885C2 impact driver reviews are positive and it shows an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars. This proves the fact that this product is an excellent addition to the tools you already have at home. It is highly recommended for everyone by the past users. They are still indeed enjoying the service of this impact driver. Out of 22 consumers, 17 of them gave it 5 stars while 2 of them gave 4 stars.


Generally, the DeWalt DCF885C2 impact driver is a one of a kind device, which proves to be of utmost quality and great performance. Purchasing this tool will never be a burden with its reasonable price that will surely fit your tight budget. Not only that, it also brings you ease and comfort in your task to be done, so you can never ask for more with this product.