DeWalt DC825KA Impact Driver Review 2018

If you are looking for a durable but compact and cordless impact driver, then your search is over. The DeWalt DC825KA impact driver is the one that is perfect for you. DeWalt has been in the business world of manufacturing quality impact drivers for a long time already. They produce exemplary tools for your household tasks.

Who Could Buy/ Benefit from This Product?

The main groups of people to benefit from the DeWalt DC825KA impact driver are those that are working in an industrial setting, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and even those do-it-yourself enthusiasts that aim to make their works faster while achieving superb results. They will most likely reap the advantages that this product offers. It is beneficial to most people globally, especially those who aim to finish their job well done while saving time through the ease and comfort that this product extends to the user.

Product Description

The DeWalt DC825KA impact driver is a cordless tool that has a ¼ inches 18 volts XRP impact driver, which is ideal for almost every task at home, making it a smart choice for embarking upon a wide range of zipping applications. The motor of this tool is frameless and high powered. It has varied triggers for speed and ergonomic compact and lightweight design, which allows ease in handling the tool. At the same time, this will allow the battery to have a long running time that will let you finish the task at hand. It provides convenience with the kit that consists of 2 18 volts XRP NiCad batteries, a 1 hour Ni-Cad charger and a well-built tool box kit. It delivers precise and powerful performance, making your work as effective as it should be.

DeWalt DC825KA impact driver Features and Specifications

– The motor is frameless with brushes that are replaceable for extensive durability and long lasting life of the tool
– It is compact and lightweight in design letting the owner of the tool to get into small spaces when they use the product
– The torque is of 1, 330 inches to pounds that aids in performing an extensive variety of fastening applications
– 0-2, 400 RPM / 0-2, 700 IPM for even faster than ever application speed
– Brushes can be replaced for extended service life
– Anti-slip texture aiding in comfortable gripping while using it; provides ample control and ease


This product only speaks of great performance and quality. It lets you complete the task while giving you the result you need after that. It is very portable that you will not even suffer from fatigue like what other products do to you because of its heavy weight and performance that you may do the task over and over again just to finish what needs to be done. It also benefits the user with its varied control for speed, which makes it a lot easier from the levels of speed you want. It also boasts of the faster result for applications. Imagine hassle-free way of working while enjoying what you are doing because you know that you can depend on the product.

It is also easy to control because it is very user-friendly that almost anyone can try it and be an enthusiast of do-it-yourself tasks without having to seek the help of a skilled professional in terms of drilling and screw driving. You will love the fact that it has replaceable brushes that allow a long lasting service and device. It has extreme power that talks of precision without causing any kickback for your protection and the protection of your work piece.


This product has a very little downside, which does not affect the tool’s performance and does not downgrade its quality. The device gets hot when you use it for several hours. Of course, this is a machine and all machines get hot if it is severely used. But you never have to worry about this little aspect because even if it gets hot, it does not affect how the tool work and produce results that you will be contented with. It maybe a little high in price, but the purchase will be very much worth the price of the product.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The DeWalt DC825KA impact driver reviews show an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. The rating that was given by the consumers only shows how high their trust in the product is. DeWalt DC825KA impact driver proves to be of high quality and that it is very much highly recommended. Out of 15 customers, 11 of them gave it the highest score of 5 stars while 2 of them gave it 4 stars.


In general, the DeWalt DC825KA impact driver is a great tool to add to your tools at home. It will be a great choice if you decide to purchase this one of a kind product. Imagine hassle-free way of screwing and drilling while reaping excellent results on your work pieces.