DeWalt DC825B Cordless Impact Driver Review 2018

Are you looking for an impact driver that is cordless and functions like a drill? The DeWalt DC825B Impact Driver is exactly what you are looking for. This product is uncomplicated to use and you can use it even with just one hand. Obviously, a cordless impact driver functions similar to a very fast drill for screw driving and many other kinds of fastener. If you have come up with the decision to purchase an impact driver, you have to read and reread reviews of this kind of product, which will surely make you choose the DeWalt DC825B impact driver.

Who Could Buy/ Benefit from This Product?

This DeWalt DC825B Impact Driver can be very much advantageous to cabinet installers, carpenters, construction workers, electricians, deck builders and the likes. It can be extensively used in environments of construction sites and heavy industrial setting as well as in every household where this tool will be very much useful. The fact that it is cordless seems to provide ease that will mostly benefit any user that will utilize it.

Product Description

DeWalt is a brand leading in manufacturing exceptional power tools globally. The DeWalt DC825B Impact Driver is a ¼ inch 18 V heavy duty tool that endows a very compact, light weight design. It is a very durable product compared to other range of fastening merchandise from light to medium sized. This product maybe small in size, but it provides an exemplary performance when using it. It only measures 5 ¾ inches from the front up to the back with a battery that weighs 4.6 pounds only. The DeWalt DC825B impact driver has a high speed motor that speaks of durability. It has enhanced productivity that brings 0-2, 400 RPM. It boasts its motor technology that is frameless, which goes along with the brushes that are replaceable for easy maintenance. The look of this product is compressed with its small size, but it is crafted wonderfully. You will be amazed by the power of this product that is amazingly high. It also lets superiority in motor durability with its indispensable airflow, which makes it long lasting.

DeWalt DC825B Impact Driver Features and Specifications

– Device only with no battery, tool has extended life and durability for its frameless motor
– Lightweight that lessens user’s exhaustion and tiredness caused by other heavy tools
– Compact design permits access into tight areas
– 1, 330 inches to pounds of torque carry out a wide variety of fastening appliance
– 0-2, 400 RPM / 0-2, 700 RPM for quicker speed of appliance
– Brushes can be replaced for easy maintenance
– Grip with an anti-slip comfort texture designed for utmost control and ease


The DeWalt DC825B impact driver is a very useful product that you will not regret purchasing. It can apply lots of torque stronger than a usual drill can with its 1, 330 inches to pounds versus the normal strength, which is 450 inches to pounds with an 18 V unit that is cordless. You can absolutely use the impact driver intended for almost every task that you make use of a common cordless drill. To those situations that you may need a socket wrench, it is also supported by this tool.

Amazingly, this product can also be utilized for a more keen work such as trimming. It also functions quite fine for jobs that involve applying minimum pressure such as connecting an electrical plate switch and even assembling a cabinet. Huge jobs are achievable through this little apparatus that contains a small battery. Most of the complicated carpentry works, 14.4 V, 12 V or the varieties of compact batteries such as 18 V type will be plentiful for the task at hand and they will not even let you suffer from fatigue.


There is a very little downside that this product has. It produces loud noise when you use it. Probably all products like this kind make loud noise too. The performance, however, will never be downgraded by this aspect since it will give you better results, if not, the best. It also has a reasonable price that purchasing this tool will be worth it.

Customer Reviews and Scores

The DeWalt DC825B Impact Driver reviews show an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. The rating given only shows that the people who bought this highly recommend this product to other people. It provides evidence that this will be one excellent addition to your household or office appliance or tools. Out of 134 customers, 119 of them gave it the highest score of 5 stars and 10 gave 4 stars. The very high rating speaks of its functionality and benefits.


In general, this tool is an outstanding product amongst other kinds like this. You will not just experience working faster, but your job will be a lot easier too. Purchasing DeWalt DC825B Impact Driver will never be a disappointment.