Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike Review 2018

The Dahon Speed Uno folding bike is the latest series from Dahon and is becoming one of the more widely popular folding bikes on today’s market. The growing amount of popularity with bikers in the city, has made many builders, Dahon included, to make their bikes more affordable to the general public. The most noticeable change in this particular folding bike is the weight, at just under 24 pounds, the Speed Uno is by far one of the lightest that they make.

The latest addition to the Dahon folding bike family, the Speed Uno has a much simpler design, easy on the eyes and extremely lightweight. This folding bike has the single speed feature with coaster brake which gives you a skid stop that many of the common folding bikes with multiple speeds does not. You remember the skid stop feature, when you were a kid and would pedal backwards stopping the bike with a cool skid. Additionally, the single speed and BioLogic FreeDrive keep the bikes chain clean and that in turn keeps your clothes clean too.

The Speed Uno seems a bit pricey compared to similar bikes in its class, and without hand brakes you may need to get used to riding a bike that has brakes in the pedals. However, that being said, the Dahon Uno because of not having and cables or gears, is by far the easiest of the Dahon bikes to fold. You can fold the bike completely in under and astounding 10 seconds. So getting the bike in and out of the car and folded and unfolded is going to take a lot less time than you may have experienced with previous folding bikes.

The Dahon Uno folding bike has a very nice forged, dual-pivot caliper braking system and brake lever in case your county laws requires a front braking system. One thing that the manufacturer may have cut back on the keep costs down was that both wheels require a wrench to take them off the bike. I have been used to the quick-release skewers for years, so switching back to the old style of wheel attachments took some getting used to.

One of the better features of this folding bike is when you are folding the bike, the bike has what is called a DoubleLok. This means that each latch has a secondary lock providing maximum safety. When you are lifting the bike out of the trunk, or while you are riding the subway or bus, the magnetic latching system insures that it will stay closed and not open itself accidentally.

If you are looking for a simple bike that you can snap open in a few seconds, then jump on and hit the road quickly, the Speed Uno is the bike for you. The bike comes with bigger tires that help you especially when driving over potholes or bumps on the trail. You will like the bare bones approach of the Dahon Speed Uno folding bike, it does exactly what a folding bike should do and it does it comfortably.


  • Folds completely in under 10 seconds
  • With no cables or gears, the Uno is the easiest Dahon bike to fold
  • Every bike comes with a quality, forged, dual-pivot caliper brake and brake lever in case you really want (or law requires) a front brake
  • Easy to fold and roll in train stations or onto the bus so you don’t need to carry the bike
  • Light and easy to carry–only 24 pounds
  • Single Speed and BioLogic FreeDrive keeps chain and clothes clean
  • Coaster brakes for a “skid stop”
  • This bicycle fits riders 4 feet, 8 inches to 6 feet, 4 inches tall
  • Weight: 24.2 pounds


Speeds:   1
Frame Sizes:   1
Gear Inches:   62″
Distance:   Seatpost to Handlebar: Min: 625 mm (24.4″) Max: 625 mm (24.4″)
Distance:   Saddle to Pedal: Min: 685 mm (26.7″) Max: 960 mm (37″)
Folding Size:   26 x 78 x 66 cm (10.1″ x 30.4″ x 25.7″)
Folding Time:   10 sec
Weight:   9.9 kg (22 lb)
Suggested Rider Height:   142 – 193 cm (4’8″ – 6’4″)
Max Rider Weight:   105 kg (230 lb)
Frame:   PA Series, 7005 butted aluminum alloy, custom-drawn Sonus tubing, Lattice Forged Hinge, patented Fusion and V-Clamp technologies
Fork:   Dahon SlipStream, Puro U7 aluminum, patented Fusion technology, double butted tubing
Handlepost:   Radius V, patented Fusion and V-Clamp technologies, forged aluminum
Handlebar:   Kinetix Comp, flat, double butted 6061
Headset:   Dahon Fusion+, zero stack, cartridge bearings
Grip/Bars Tape:   BioLogic Arx, lock-on function, reflective end plugs, black/brown
Saddle:   BioLogic Aria
Seatpost:   BioLogic PostPump+, 34 x 580 mm, forged aluminum clamp
Seat Clamp:   Dahon Turtleneck clamp
Front Brake:   Kinetix Tour, forged aluminum, dual pivot caliper, long reach, adjustable angle pads (unassembled)
Rear Brake:   Shimano coaster
Brake Levers:   Aluminum
Brake Cable & Housing:   Dahon LiveWire, SIS housing, Slick cable
Front Hub:   Kinetix Neutron, cartridge bearings, ultra-light 58 gram design
Rear Hub:   Shimano coaster, 1 speed, 16T, 24H
Spokes:   18/8 stainless steel, black
Nipples:   Brass
Rims:   Kinetix Comp, doublewall, CNC sidewalls, wear line indicator, black
Tires:   Schwalbe Marathon Racer, 85 psi, Qualifier Compound casing, RaceGuard puncture protection, Reflex
Crankset:   Kinetix Supra, forged 6061 cranks, 6061 chain ring, alloy CNC chainguard
Bottom Bracket:   Cartridge, sealed bearings
Chain:   Rust Block, GST
Pedals:   Suntour folding, alloy body
Cable & Housing:   Dahon Live Wire, SIS housing, Slick cable
Chainguard:   BioLogic FreeDrive
Kickstand:   Aluminum, double stand
Clip System:   Magnetix system
Luggage Bracket:   Luggage socket; frame integrated
Front & Rear Reflectors:   Yes