Dahon D7 Tangerine Speed Folding Bike Review 2018

The Dahon D7 folding bike is one of the best selling models of this style of bike. The D7 received the coveted Business Week’s Best Value Folder Award for its amazing features. This folding bike is extremely light-weight and so easy to carry that many bike enthusiasts are finding difficulties finding any flaws with this bicycle. Because the bike can fold to an incredible 13″ x 25″ x 32″, you can store it virtually anywhere.

The Dahon D7 is incredibly easy to lift at 25 pounds, and with the tires at 20″, you can easily store the bike behind you seat or in the trunk without much effort at all. The D7 does come in Tangerine, which appears to be the most popular color in this series. The D7 is an attractive looking bike for both men and women and can make handle as good as many of the traditional 26″ tire bikes on the market today.

Unlike the other folding bikes on the market, the D7 has a Work Hardened 4130 chromoly steel frame that is over 50% stronger than high tinsile steel. The bike is designed more for urbanites, riding to work or to the grocery store and farmers market. Additional features that make a commute to the store enjoyable like a front basket, rear rack and tire pump for your flat tire. The designers really put a lot of effort of squeezing so much more than the rider will expect in this amazing folding bike.

If you are using the bike for travel in the city for shopping or to get to work, you will love the rear rack which can easily carry your groceries or suitcase. The rack is an added accessory, but in my opinion, worth every penny. Of all the folding bikes around, the seat has such an incredible soft feel to it, you will ride in comfort whether you have a short journey or decide to take it across town to get some exercise.

The Dahon D7 folding bike comes with a chrome frame which will turn a lot of heads when you drive by. The frame is also quite durable, able to handle potholes and bumps in road all in stride. If you happen to be riding it and get stuck in the rain, you will love the addition of the WeatherBeater Chromeplastic mudguards. They can eliminate the staining that occurs from mud and dirt splashing up on your backside as your riding through puddles.

The steering and braking system on the Dahon D7 are second to none. You can expect to come to a complete stop when you gently press the brake, and the superior quality of the steering will allow you maneuver around any obstacles in your path quickly and easily. This bike is extremely stylish for the price.

The Dahon D7 isn’t the lightest bike that Dahon makes, which may provide some difficulty for the ladies trying to lift the bike back and forth into their vehicles. This particular folding bike is a bargain considering all the extras you get. The seat has a built in tire pump for those unexpected emergencies, and it is little things like that and the mudguards and rack that set the Dahon D7 series above it’s competition.


7 Speeds
Folded Size 30 × 77 × 64 cm (11.7″ × 30.0″ × 25.0″)
Folding Time 15 sec.
Weight 12.5 kg (27.6 lbs)
Suggested Rider Height 142 – 193 cm (4’8″ – 6’4″) Max. Rider Weight 105 kg (230 lbs)