Dahon Curve D3 Folding Bicycle Review 2018

The Dahon Curve D3 folding bike is a 3 speed bicycle that is perfect for off road or a commute to work in town. The Curve D3 is a smaller folding bike, that allows you the ability to accelerate much faster than it’s larger counterparts, however the smaller wheels do take some getting used to because the larger tires do absorb a lot of the roads imperfections. It is a trade off that is not that big of a deal when you see all the benefits of the Dahon Curve.

The Curve D3 has three speeds, which is perfect for urban riding or short distances. If you are using the bike to commute to work or for a trip to the park, you will appreciate the additional features that this folding bike has to make the trip more of a pleasure for the rider. The Curve D3 is equipped with a standard bike rack, for your groceries, suitcase or gym bag. If you run into any trouble on your trek, the bike has a built in bike pump to get you back on the road quickly.

I can not say enough about the ease in folding this particular bike. The folding time is under 15 seconds, and when the bike is completely folded it will fit in an 13.3? x 26.1? x 25? space, small enough to fit in a trunk, under your desk or along your seat on the train or bus. The reviews on this bike have made this one of Dahon’s most popular folding bike. You can get the Curve D3 is one of three appealing colors; blush pink, cloud white and fire red.

Dahon has incorporated their patented V-Clamp frame hinge design to give the rider a strong, durable, and easy to operate bicycle. The Curve D3 uses Schwalbe Big Apple tires, to give you a comfortable ride. Whether you are short or tall, the Dahon technology allows the rider to adjust the bike to fit your height. My favorite thing about the Curve D3 is it features a body with an ergonomically curved design that makes it so simple to carry. You can tell once you lift the bike up, that it is made sturdy, and will be able to handle whatever the road has to offer.

The most popular feature of the bike according to the reviews, is the internalized 3-level gear. Because the gear is enclosed, the gear is unlikely to come off when storing. The gear is also weatherproof and will last longer not being exposed to the elements. The bike also has a bipedal stand, allowing you to do any maintenance effortlessly, while the bike is upright and the rear tire elevated to allow the wheel to spin.

I really love this bike, but a word of warning, the Curve is an urban utility bike. This Dahin Curve D3 is definitely meant more for the sidewalk than the road. That being said, this bike packs a lot into its small frame. With the enclosed gear, and the bike rack, tire pump and hinge design, you will be getting a very durable folding bike that provide years of riding pleasure in the city. The bike can be stored almost anywhere, and because it can be snapped together in seconds, you could go from road, to bus, to road, to work with little or no interruptions.