Currie E Zip Nano Electric Scooter Review 2018

Product Summary

The Currie E Zip Nano Electric Scooter is a three wheel electric scooter perfect for first time riders. And even though the scooter is created for kids, it was designed to look like a scooter for adults. The three wheel design is suited for easy steering and maneuvering. Also, the sturdy and durable design is enough to assure the parents that their kids can be safe when driving the scooter around. But still helmets and safety pads are necessary for better protection.

Product Features

  • 150-watt Performance Power
  • Currie E Zip Nano Electric Scooter has a DC Earth Magnet Motor that uses 150 watts of power.
  • Plug and Play Design
  • The scooter has two EV rated SLA type rechargeable battery cells which has a user-friendly plug and play design.
  • Kick Start Design
  • The electric scooter has a unique kick to start design and it has a special carving design for easy maneuvers and an easy-access power on/off switch.

Product Specifications

  • The scooter is created for kids aged eight and above
  • The batteries are charged for eight to ten hours and can be recharged for 200 cycles only.
  • The scooter can run from five kilometer per hour up to 16 kilometer per hour depending on the weight of the driver and the terrain.
  • The electric scooter has removable handle for better storage and mobility.
  • Currie E Zip Nano Electric Scooter has one 6” polyurethane wheel in the front and has two 8” rubber wheels in the rear.
  • The brakes are placed at the rear and an alloy motor inhibit breaker is available for emergency brakes.
  • It has a high-steel heavy duty frame unique to all Currie Electric scooters.
  • It has a maximum weight load capacity of 150 pounds
  • It weighs about 17.5 pounds and can be shipped anywhere in the US
  • It has EZ3-Nano-PR model number
  • The primary color is black
  • Has a 90-day warranty


  • It is easy to assemble and the instructions are easy to follow
  • The scooter has a great design and the speed is enough to excite the kids but safe enough to keep them from accidents.
  • The electric scooter is easy to maneuver and steer.


  • Has long charging time
  • The battery doesn’t charge properly sometimes


Review Summary

Reviewers of Currie E Zip Nano Electric Scooter have given it 4.2 out of 5 stars. Reviewers said that the scooter lets the children have fun all day. Customer service also received positive reviews because they were eager in helping their customers. Also, shipping of the product is timely and packaging was carefully done.

However, some customers are not happy with the length of charging time of Currie E Zip Nano Electric Scooter, because it needs to be charged for at least eight hours to function well. Nevertheless, most customers are happy with the product and they recommend it for those who have kids aged six to ten. It is a great gift for children and the adventurous ones will surely love it. Just remember to purchase a helmet and safety pads too along with the scooter.