CrazyFit Vibration Exercise Machine Report 2018

Crazyfit machines are not trademarked so anybody can use the name and have their machine manufactured to their own specifications. Mk-trading is selling this crazyfit machine with 500-1600w motor and it comes with power cords which are attached to the base. Interestingly the power cords in this case seem as if they are out of place somehow as the support frame appears to be on the way most of the time when using them. But lets not jump the gun here and have a look at the body of the machine first.

Crazyfit has full steel body that gives it stability but also makes it on the heavy side at 48kg so you would probably need two people to move it around. The support frame is not detachable (unless you spend some time taking it apart) so you need to take that into consideration with your exercise plan. As the frame is very sturdy the machine would suit for a user who needs heavy support whilst on the machine. It is for home use only but with the 12 month warranty and the power to run it why not let the extended family to use it as well.

It does have 3 pre programmed workouts and 50 speed levels. It also has a body fat scan but as these types of scanners are usually highly inaccurate, I do not think it adds value to this machine. The quick start programs last 10 minutes each which is good as you do not need to keep stopping and starting in the midst of your exercises.

Essential Specifications

  • Robust steel body and large LED display
  • 3 pre programmed workouts and 50 speed levels
  • Power consumption 500 -1600w at peak level, 18 rps
  • Net weight: 48 kg
  • Maximum load: 150 kg
  • 12 months warranty

The Good

  • Very robust and strong built steel body indeed, good for heavy duty
  • Clearly more powerful than the Bslimmer and BM1500
  • Large clear LED display conveniently placed12 month warranty

The Bad

  • The power cords do not seem to fit with this model
  • Heavy to move around

The crazyfit machines are slightly on the more expensive side and I am not quite convinced the extra wattage is going to justify the price especially as the technical specifications seem to be slightly on a vague side. Unfortunately we are not able to test the different specifications and verify them within the scope of this review.