Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Review 2018

Confidence Fitness manufacture a range of exercise machines to assist with fitness including elliptical cross trainers, exercise bikes and a vibrating platform machine. While researching the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine I have discovered that they really are very useful. There are huge benefits for someone who may not have the mobility to use a cross-trainer or exercise bike. You may be recovering from an injury and want to take things easy to start with for example. Alternatively you may be of advanced years and looking for a gentle but effective exercise regime. If you have 10 minutes to spare you can achieve some of the results that normally require a full 60 minute workout!

How does it work?

Vibration technology has been around for 200 years, starting simply with vibrating chairs. NASA utilizes vibration exercises for their astronauts to aid in the prevention of bone loss and reduce muscle atrophy (common problems associated with both aging, lack of mobility and space travel). Using 600W of power the motor causes the plate to vibrate at a high frequency in turn triggering a stretch reflex in the body. Don’t panic this just means that your muscles are triggered to contract involuntarily. This action is natural and helps mimic the effects of exercise without the physical exertion from you.

Flexibility in use

Great for everyone from beginners to seasoned users as you can set the speed from 1 to 50. Start low and build up if you are a first time user. The vibration machine once set-up is heavy (shipping weight of 70lb) but can easily be moved around as it has wheels on the front so you can tip and relocate with ease. You don’t have to use the straps that are provided but if you do they will also enhance the effects on your upper body and arms.

Health Benefits

With just 10 minutes of use, 2 to 3 times a week you will soon see improvements in your muscle strength, circulation and overall fitness. As mentioned with reference to NASA vibration technology also improves bone density. Some users even report that they have witnessed a reduction in the severity of their cellulite. Combine exercise using this machine with a healthy diet and you will also benefit from a likely weight reduction too.

Important note: It is recommended that if you suffer from joint problems or have a heart condition (e.g. pacemaker) you should consult your doctor or other trained medical professional before starting any new exercise regime.

– 600W of power for a full body workout
– 10 minutes of use equivalent to 60 minutes of regular exercise
– speed range of 1 to 50
– instruction booklet
– front wheels to tip and move easily
– improve muscle strength and circulation
– reduce cellulite
– lose weight
– small footprint (measures 30 x 30 inches when set up)

– maximum weight of user is 300lbs (136kg)
– does require minimal set-up (machine comes with easy to follow instructions and the tools required)

In my research I came across many opinions from customers and most of them spoke highly of the machine, the manufacturer and the benefits of use. With over 1200 reviews on Amazon alone, the majority 4 or 5 star ratings you can be reassured that this machine is a good investment in your health for a reasonable cost and certainly comparable with many gym memberships. Exercise in the comfort of your own home and achieve the same benefits as visiting the gym. Customer opinion supports the claim it is easy to set-up with many stating they easily set-up the machine within 15 minutes using the simple tools and instructions provided. A few customers mentioned that there only a few programs but also commented that they are good ones and that the machine is a great starter model. It was reassuring to read about health benefits from use that perhaps the manufacturer had not intended such as a reduction in chiropractor visits and more restful sleep.

Seriously consider this vibration machine from Confidence Fitness as it is reasonably priced compared to many other models on the market. Choosing this model will provide you with a great machine and a fantastic ‘jiggly’ workout for a fraction of the price. This machine is ranked the Number One best-selling vibration machine on Amazon.