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iRobot 500 Series Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The iRobot 500 Series Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner has come a long way in the 500 series. Over the 400 and previous series you’ll see improvements in navigation, coverage, pickup, as well as filtration. Operation is easy as well, with one click of the “clean” button the Roomba will immediately start cleaning the floor its on, automatically adjusting for wood, tile, carpet, and many other types of flooring.

The dual-speed counter rotating brushes will pick up anything from cat and dog hair to mud and dirt, while the anti-tangle+auto reverse technology will ensure the unit keeps on going through the tough spots.

The size of this unit allows it to get most anywhere inside the home, and it has a dirt detecting sensor that allows it to automatically spend the most time where needed. Also included in this version is the Virtual wall system, which allows you to set up small RFID emitters ( included ) near the doors to rooms you would like the Roomba to avoid, cliff sensors that will keep the unit from falling over stairs or drops, and a built in return to home function that allows it to go back to its base and charge itself when needed.

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iRobot 500 Series Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner features and specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 17.5 x 5.5 x 20 inches
  • Product Weight: 13 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 12.5 pounds
  • Bumper extension, cleaning tool, power adapter, rechargeable battery
  • 3 Extra filters
  • 2 Virtual Walls, and batteries
  • Easy to empty dustbin
  • Fully Rechargeable

iRobot 500 Series Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews:

The iRobot 500 Series Roomba has received overall positive reviews from those who have had experience with the product. Most Roomba owners are impressed by the features offered and just how far it has come from the previous generations. Users coming from the 400 series noted how much better the 500 series was at dealing with tricky situations such as rug fringe.

One reviewer had issues with the new lighthouse system, saying that because it emits its RFID beam in a fan shape around it, that particular area is never reached by the Roomba, leaving a fan shaped area uncleaned in front of the lighthouse. Even with this however the reviewer still recommends the product as many others do, and makes sure to mention just how much time it saves him.

Another reviewer wrote to say that the improved vacuums in this series work wonders when it comes to picking up cat hair, but it can have a few problems getting on and off carpets. The reviewer speculates that this is caused by the slightly lower hanging design in the 500 series versus the 400 series he previously owned.

Two things were reverberated across almost all of the reviews however, the Roombas built in ability to go back to the charging station, and the ability to schedule the unit to clean certain rooms at certain times. Many reviewers noted that they set their devices to clean in the early morning hours ( 2-5am ), and it was quiet enough to not wake them.

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The Roomba 500 series still has a few quirks but its advanced detection systems, great form factor, and easy maintenance make the iRobot 500 Series Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner a solid buy for anyone looking to do less vacuuming themselves.

iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Vacuum Cleaner

The iRobot Scooba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is an incredibly versatile device designed to clean hard surface floors. It’s able to prep, wash, scrub and dry almost any hard surface in just one pass, saving it’s owner valuable time. It sits low to the ground and is built to get into those hard to reach places and under large furniture such as beds, couches, tables, and chairs. Operation is dead simple, fill up the internal tank with cleaning fluid ( included ), press the “clean” button, and empty once the cleaning cycle has finished.

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iRobot Scooba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Features and Specifications

  • Shipping Weight: 15.2 pounds
  • Batteries: 2 D batteries required.
  • Cleans under furniture, tables, and hard-to-reach places
  • Safe to use on most hard floors, including sealed hardwood, linoleum, tile, and marble
  • Simple to operate–fill tank, press “Clean,” and empty tank when finished
  • Includes one 8-oz. bottle of cleaning solution
  • 1-year warranty

iRobot Scooba Floor Washing Robotic Hard Surface Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

The reviews online for the iRobot Scooba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner are a mixed bag, people love it while it’s working, but have some serious qualms with the shelf life of the unit. As with other iRobot units, many pet owners have embraced the Scooba, saying it works wonders but still needs some supervision.

The largest problem by far mentioned with the iRobot Scooba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is plain old unit failure after a period of time. There are many reviews to be found online where a user will shower the device with praise in the first paragraph, but then give it one star and go on to rant and rave about how theirs was dead within a year and their general dissatisfaction with iRobot customer support. However this does seem to vary on the extremes, some people having complete breakdowns and some going strong with no problems, so the folks with complete unit failures may very well be just a vocal minority.

One user noted that the Scooba can’t be left alone in as large of rooms as the Roomba can. This is due to the Scooba going over certain spots several times to make sure all dirt has been scrubbed away, and the four part cycle of prep, wash, scrub and dry that the unit boasts. This repetition combined with the Scooba’s 45 minute cycle time has created an annoyance for some users that would like to use it in larger homes or industrial settings. There isn’t enough time for it to be as thorough as it would like and it calls it quits with a portion of the room left uncleaned.

As with it’s cousin the Roomba, the Scooba is also round in design, making cleaning corners difficult, as many reviewers brought up. It can cover 95% of a room but you’ll often have to do a quick walk through yourself to hit those last missed spots. Many users noted this but also mentioned how much time the device saved them anyway, they prefer working in tandem with the Scooba and handling the last 5% to doing 100% themselves.

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Basically the reviews all point to this; if you have a large kitchen area or other hardwood/tile areas in your home, the iRobot Scooba Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a good bet. It may leave a small amount of work up to human intervention, but the time you’ll have to invest to keep everything shining like new will dramatically decrease.


iRobot Scooba 380 Robot Cleaner

The iRobot Scooba 380 washes floors and removes up to 98% of common bacteria while it’s at it. It can clean up to 850 square feet on a single charge, and the tank only needs to be refilled every 425 square feet. It uses the same prep, wash, scrub, squeegee cleaning system as previous Scooba models and can clean tile, linoleum and hardwood floors. The cleaning solution can be refilled with a simple tap water and vinegar mixture, making upkeep easy, and the small form factor allows it to manoeuvre easily underneath large furniture such as beds, couches and chairs.

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iRobot Scooba 380 Features and Specifications

  • Shipping Weight: 17 pounds
  • A full charge allows the Scooba 380 to clean 850 square feet (3-4 rooms)
  • Autonomous cleaning pattern covers each area of floor an average of 5 times
  • Preps, washes, scrubs and squeegees sealed hardwood, tile and linoleum floors

iRobot Scooba 380 Reviews

The reviews for the Scooba 380 are an interesting mix. Many people have rated it highly ( 4-5 stars ) but went on to list four or more major complaints in a long review. These reviewers enjoyed the product for what it did, enough to rate it highly, but had serious concerns about the flaws they experienced.

Those that have the most issues with the iRobot Scooba 380 are those coming from owning a Roomba previously. The complaints in this vein are numerous and mostly well founded. Some are smaller, like the faulty charging station that ships with every unit so one must use a cord to charge it, and the plug for said cord being very hard to orient into the socket on the side of the device. But there are some larger issues mixed in as well, like sensors not working right and the unit constantly getting stuck, and the large amount of water left on the floor after a cleaning cycle. The most common complaint from previous Roomba owners however is that the build quality seems much worse than the 500 series Roomba, the sensors don’t engage well, the device has sharp and poorly fitted corners, and it just looks worse.

Despite the all of the negative talk however there are quite a few who still praise the Scooba for what it does well. It may leave water on the floor and not give it a complete “just mopped” shine, but it cleans very well, taking out old and stubborn stains easily. It’s very easy to use it with cheap cleaning fluid ( vinegar and water ), so keeping it going is less costly.

Some reviewers even point out that many issues can be solved with simple work arounds, and that the majority of claims are unfounded. If your device is leaving too much water on the floor for example, just pull the squeegey completely straight. Some as plain as replacing the battery when the unit is dying before a cleaning cycle is complete, can eliminate many of the common issues other users mention.

Overall the Scooba 380 is a worthwhile product for those that absolutely despise mopping floors, but still has several annoying kinks. However with a few very simple workarounds it can be a useful addition to your household cleaning arsenal.

Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like spending to much time cleaning, then you might consider yourself lucky, because of the Neato XV-11 All Floor Robot Vacuum Cleaner. The product will not only clean your entire house, but it does it when you are not home. So there’s no problem if you have guests when you just come home from work.

The Neato XV-11 is a smart robot, designed to clean all the floors, even on a daily basis. Because of its  360-degrees incorporated laser, this robot vacuum cleaner is able to scan the place, detect the walls, furniture and make a map of the room. Due to this map it is able to clean the room and avoid most of the  obstacles easily. If you rearrange the furniture, the Neato XV-11 will adapt and do its job properly next time.

When you press the start button, the Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner will start scanning all the obstacles in the room and the doors. After finishing the cleaning of one room, it goes to one of the recognized doors and starts cleaning the other room. And so on until cleans the whole house.

With just a few presses on the buttons, you can schedule the Neato XV-11 to do all the work when you are away – one of the main benefits of a robot vacuum cleaner. This way your house will be always clean and ready for guests. If Neato XV-11 runs low on power it is smart enough to go back to its charging base, recharges itself and then returns to work from where it left off.

The powerful vacuum motor inside the Neato XV-11 makes it easy to pick up any tiny speck, any pet hair. Because of its low profile, XV-11 is capable to clean under the furniture, under the bed and sofas. Neato XV-11 cleans every type of floor: carpet, rugs or hardwood.

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Reviews of the Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

According to customers reviews the Neato XV-11 All Floor Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, has more pros than cons.

The users were very satisfied with the product. People were amazed by the intelligent laser mapping  used to clean the room. Customers commented about the powerful vacuum motor that sucked anything from deep in the carpet.

In particular, several users who are also pet owners were very pleased with the Neato’s performance, commenting that it picks up an embarrassing amount of pet hair that isn’t visible to the human eye.

People who used Neato XV-11 loved how they could schedule it and leave home to come back to a cleaner place. They also love the auto docking function.

Automatically finds its dock to recharge if it can’t finish in one charge, then picks up where it left off.

A number of owners commented that the excellent performance (Neato was regarded as a better performer that the Roombas) required the Neato to recharge itself to be able to clean large areas. However, the Neato returns itself to its recharging base, then starts again where it previous finished.

Most of the bad reviews were about the customer service from Neato, rather than from people who had technical problems with their Neato XV-11. Also, some users, commented about the fact that XV-11 does bump into some obstacles and it does not clean so well around corners.

I really like this robotic vacuum. It cleans a ridiculous amount of pet hair and dust from my carpet!

Generally, though, the Neato XV-11 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is what one happy reviewer called “automation at your service“.

Don’t just take my word for it!

Neato XV-11 Pros

  • it detects doorways and moves from room to room in a logical fashion
  • the suction and cleaning ability is amazing
  • it can change from hard surfaces to soft almost all of the time
  • extremely easy to clean
  • contact with Neato customer service was a dream

Neato XV-11 Cons

  • the noise level is maybe a little louder than the whine of a Roomba
  • My house is large enough that the Neato is not able to clean the whole house in 1 charge but it returns to its base and charges up and then finds its way back to where it left off and finishes the job

Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features and Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 15.5 x 15.5 x 10 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 16.8 pounds
  • Laser-based Room Positioning System that helps avoiding obstacles in the room
  • Very powerful vacuum that cleans everything from dirt and dust to pet hair
  • Automatic doorway recognition – only after finishing completely one room will move to the next one
  • Low profile helps cleaning under the furniture
  • Always vacuums in straight lines and cleans closely around obstacles
  • Goes independently to the charging base when it is on low power or after finishing the job
  • Boundary markers can be used to schedule only to clean certain areas

iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a fun, reliable fellow with the capability to clean your floors. Any kinds of floor, from hardwood into linoleum, all are conquered by this little helper.

It’s able to clean up to 250 square feet with a full battery before the next charging. The iRobot 330 Scooba is simple to use, just push the “clean” button and off it goes. First it sweeps dirt on the floor, cleans it with cleaning fluid, scrubs the floor, and finally it dries up the wetted floor. It can use tap water, vinegar solution, or other cleaning solution as the cleaning fluid. The robot is equipped with cliff-sensing technology which enables it to avoid carpets, ledges, and stairs.

It cruises through your room automatically; ensuring places beneath the lunch table, edges of a shelf, corners, or other spots that are often missed by your average cleaning lady and clean and tidy. On average it covers an area of the floor five times, using only clean solution to clean the floor as it deposits dirty water inside its dirty-watertank.

The robot comes with a pack of supporting equipment such as a bottle of Clorox Scooba cleaning fluid, a measurement cup, a battery with charger, and a power supply. Also included is a Virtual Wall that’s useful for marking areas that the robot shouldn’t pass through.

iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

Judging from several reviews that were given, it seems that iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot has won a place in many owner’s hearts.

It meets the 80/20 rule. It does 80% of the work that you would do if you did a thorough, good clean yourself.

Generally, people rated their experience with iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot as good. They were satisfied with the robot’s reliability to replace time-consuming cleaning work usually done by humans. Most reviewers said the iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot has really been worth their money. Unfortunately, it’s not magical enough to remove a speck of dirt that has stuck for years, but after all it does its floor-cleaning duty well enough on most types of floors such as hardwood, tile, and linoleum. “Now you don’t have to waste your energy sweeping up your floor to keep dust away, just let the little buddy do it”, a reviewer concluded.

The Clorox Scooba cleaning solution included with the robot was very effective according to some reviewers. Just one per eight cup of it is enough for cleaning a 200 square feet room.

One – before you buy, read the specs. Two – after you buy read the owners manual. Three – do what the owners manual tells you to do. If you do all of this, you will have clean floors without a lot of elbow grease on your part.

Some users claimed that iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot might cause the floor to be too wet after cleaning, but actually it’s not far different from manual mopping done by humans. But a little cleaning on the underside of the vacuum opening fix this problem.

All in all, the that iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot is a huge timesaver for the busy household.

Don’t just take my word for it!

iRobot 300 Scooba Pros

  • it works great on mud, dried food & dried spills
  • every part is clearly marked on the machine and the directions are uncomplicated
  • the dog left muddy footprints all over the kitchen floor so I put my Scooba to the test and it passed with flying colors!
  • I run it twice a day and now all of my belongings are no longer covered in dog hair and I can walk around in bare feet
  • once a week seems plenty for a kitchen floor for me

iRobot 300 Scooba Cons

  • Scooba won’t get into the corners, but neither do I when I mop
  • you do have to empty it out, give the tank a rinse, and clean the brush & a removable tube, to me though, thats easier than cleaning a mop
  • some people have complained that it leaves the floor too wet after a mopping, but, to me, it appears the same as after when I mop myself
  • if you own a Roomba, you should know that the Scooba is quite a bit louder


iRobot 330 Scooba Floor-Washing Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Floor-washing robot cleans sealed hardwood, tile, linoleum, and more
  • Can handle up to 250 square feet on a single battery charge
  • Uses water, water and vinegar, or Clorox Scooba cleaning solution
  • Preps, washes, scrubs, and dries; cliff sensor; 1 virtual wall included
  • Measures 14-3/4 by 14-3/4 by 3-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty

The iRobot Roomba Pet Series 532 Vacuum Cleaning Robot: What You Might Want to Know

When I was a kid, my experience of robots was the Jetsons. They were great, but they were science fiction. I fantasized about robots that could do for me the things I didn’t want to do, things like chores, but it was a dream, not something I imagined would ever really happen. Well, now that I’m an adult, my fantasy has actually come to life: Not only are there robots, there’s a robot that will do vacuuming, one of my most hated chores. It’s the iRobot roomba 532 pet series 532 vacuum cleaning robot.

My home isn’t particularly cluttered but it is “full.” There’s plenty of furniture and piles of books and papers. And there are plenty of pets, too. Add to that the fact that I have lots of allergies (e.g., dust, pet hair) and not too much time, and you’ll understand why vacuuming is a very necessary and very frustrating chore for me.

So, when I hear that there is a robot that might be able handle this task for me and spare me the work and the time, I am ready to leap on the technological bandwagon. The fact that the particular robot I’m thinking of – the iRobot 532 – was designed by the same company that designs minesweeping equipment, gives me extra confidence and makes me think that this little machine just has to be good.

It comes with special programming software that allows you to define the walls within your rooms, so once it’s set it, the iRobot can bustle quietly away on its own. It can get into the tight spaces and even under low-lying furniture. And — as my post of July 23rd will demonstrate — it collects even the tiniest particles from your floors. It’s pretty unbelievable!

Now one thing about the iRobot is that he cleans at his own pace. When he’s needed, he leaves the charging dock and methodically works his way around the area. He’s thorough, but he’s not speedy; don’t expect him to suddenly hurry because you’re expecting company. But i think this little issue disappears in light of the iRobot’s efficiency and fabulous features, features that make him the best:

remote control
rising and lowering vacuuming discs
virtual-type wall mounts
cleaning tools
replacement-type filters

If you love animals — or hate vacuuming — I suggest you give the iRobot roomba pet series 532 vacuum cleaning robot a try. CLICK HERE for the best offer on the iRobot 532 and let this fun little robot start making your life easier and your home healthier . . . today.

Pet owners will love this product!  Being a pet owner, you may not realize the amount of pet hair, cat litter; dirt, dust and debris hide into your carpet or on hard floors until you see how much can be picked up by the iRobot Roomba Series 532 Pet Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

The iRobot Roomba Series 532 Pet Robot Vacuum Cleaner navigates and cleans the entire floor with ease; including under and around furniture, in the corners and along the wall edges.  The cleaning head automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors for the most efficient pick-up and suctioning without having to adjust it.

There are two interchangeable, cleaning bins either for everyday use or for a heavy-duty cleaning.  There are two virtual walls that tell Roomba where to clean by creating invisible barriers to areas that are off limit.

When the robot vacuum cleaner is done cleaning or when the battery is getting low, it will automatically return to Home Base to recharge or retire until the next cleaning needs to be done.

iRobot Roomba Series 532 Pet Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews:

The iRobot Roomba Pet Series 532 Vacuum Cleaning Robot has gotten many positive reviews of customers who are satisfied with the performance of it.  Customers raved at how great Roomba is getting pet hair off the carpet and how great it cleans hard floors.  Others were surprised at how much dust, lint and dirt it picked-up.  It handles wood floors, tile floors and carpets; it transitions effortlessly when going back and forth to the different types of floors.

It cleans beautifully, the carpets look great! This thing would fill up with crud even after running the old vacuum. How wonderful, one less chore to do.

Also, the reviews said it would get to the areas that were generally hard to clean with a regular vacuum cleaner, and it was not noisy when operating it.  Cats and dogs don’t get scared by it. Another customer raved about how great of a job it does cleaning and how easy it is to keep it maintained.

Because of the excellent performance of the Roomba; there were also customer reviews stating it was their second or even third purchase ofthis unit, and it is the only vacuum they prefer to use in their homes.  Others said it was the best purchase they have made and iRobot customer service is superb.

The iRobot Roomba Series 532 Pet Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a great product for those who have pets or physical limitations.  The customer reviews found online were positive, and the product is highly recommended.

Don’t just take my word for it.

iRobot Roomba 532 Pros:

  • works great so long as it is kept really clean
  • fills up with crud even after running the old vacuum
  • this little robot cleans so much better than my regular vacuum
  • happily cleaned my low pile carpet
  • he’s vacuuming and I’M NOT!!!!!
  • has breathed new life into some builder-grade 11-year old carpet

iRobot Roomba 532 Cons:

  • cleaning head modules can fail. iRobot will replace them free of charge.
  • cleaning frequently is a must to keep it happy and working optimally. I’m still happy to do so

iRobot Roomba Series 532 Pet Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features and Specifications:

  • Product Dimensions: 24.6 x 19.1 x 5.5 inches; 13 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 13.4 pounds (View shipping rates and policies)
  • Measures 19-1/2 by 21-1/2 by 5 inches; 1-year limited warranty
  • Features the latest innovations with unprecedented efficiency, coverage and cleaning performance
  • Automatically senses dirtier spots and spends more time cleaning those areas
  • Automatically returns to Home Base to dock and recharge between cleanings
  • Vacuuming robot designed especially for pet owners; comes with extra set of easy-to-clean brushes
  • High capacity sweeper bin for trapping even more pet hair, kitty litter or dander
  • Cleans up to three standard-sized rooms on a single charge
  • 2 – Virtual Walls tell Roomba where to clean by restricting off-limit areas


Roomba 550 Review

With its enhanced design, including improved navigation, coverage, pickup, and filtration, the Roomba 550 vacuum-cleaning robot makes it easier then ever to clean floors throughout the house–hands free. Simply press the “clean” button & the unit will vacuum the whole floor on its own, adjusting automatically to any floor surface including wood, tile, linoleum, rugs, and carpet.

The vacuum’s large dustbin empties easily, and its improved filtration system traps dust, pollen,& other allergens, helping to ensure only clean air gets released back into the room. For added convenience, the vacuuming robot automatically returns to its self-charging Home Base to dock & recharge between cleaning cycles or when the battery starts to run low.

The iRobot Roomba 550 is available on Amazon at over 35% off retail price!

Cleaning the unit is very simple. The bin is extremely easy to clean as are the filters and brushes which can be performed as weekly maintenance. The unit comes with 2 extra large brushes for the center, and 2 paper filers for the bin.

Here are some great features of the Roomba 550:

  • Covers up to 4 rooms on a single battery charge.
  • Counter rotating Bristle Brush and Beater Brush work together like a dustpan and broom
  • Cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture, into corners and along wall edges.
  • Detects dirtier areas and spends more time cleaning
  • Automatically returns to its self-charging Home Base to dock and recharge between cleanings
  • Faster counter-rotating brushes with improved design pick up more hair, debris and dust.
  • Improved anti-tangle technology keeps Roomba from getting stuck on cords, carpet fringe and tassels

Possibly the most impressive features of the iRobot Roomba 550is that has a very low profile, so  that cleans underneath the majority of your furniture without having to move most objects to maneuver around.

Roomba 560 Review

With dramatically improved navigation, cleaning coverage, vacuum pickup, and particle filtration, the Roomba 560 vacuuming robot picks up amazing amounts of dirt and debris with the simple touch of a button.

For added convenience, the vacuum’s cleaning head automatically adjusts to transition from wood, tile, and linoleum to carpets and rugs, while improved anti-tangle technology ensures it will not get stuck on cords and rug fringe

The iRobot Roomba 560 is available on Amazon at over 30% off retail price!

The iRobot Roomba 560 is quieter than previous generations and only runs with a low hum. It navigates better and does not get hung up in tight spots while managing power cords quite well, slowing down right before hitting an obstacle.

Here are some great features of the Roomba 560:

  • Vacuuming robot picks up dirt and debris with the touch of a button
  • Easy-to-empty bagless dustbin; fine-filtration system traps allergens
  • Anti-tangle technology; gentle-touch bumper system; built-in cliff sensors
  • Self-charging Home Base, 2 Auto Virtual Walls, an extra filter, and more included
  • Measures 16-3/4 by 21 by 5 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Who really has time to vacuum their carpets twice a day any more? With the iRobot Roomba 560, you set the scheduler to do it while you are asleep. You wake up in the morning, the carpets are clean, the air is fresh, and you empty out the dust bin. It is just wonderful.

The iRobot 560 Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner has many obvious advantages. The most prevalent being its ability to do the work of daily vacuuming so that you don’t have to. And with its redesign the iRobot 560 Roomba now has better cleaning coverage, navigation and improved particle pickup and filtration to not only clean the floors, but keep the air clear as well.

This little machine will travel over rugs and hardwood floors with anti tangle technology to keep cords and fringe safe. All the while side brushes get those hard to reach angles around furniture bases and walls giving each floor a more complete cleaning. There is even a sense bumper system that will automatically reroute your vacuum so that it will clean around or even under the objects in your home.

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iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuuming Robot: Features

With one touch of a button the Vacuuming Robot can pick up dirt and debris so that you don’t have to. You can also avoid the annoying need to order, pay for and change out old vacuum bags with its bag-less design. It’s built in cliff sensors make it ideal for multilevel homes. The iRobot 560 also comes with a handy self charging home base and an extra filter.

Now with a measurement of 16-3/4 by 21 by 5 inches, the cleaning area has expanded while keeping the design compact enough to easily clean under beds and furniture. And each vacuum comes with a a one year limited warranty.

iRobot 560 Roomba Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Reviews

With a product like this one, the pros are self evident. It’s a time saver for just about anyone and it will help to keep your house clean and homey. It takes little effort to see why a vacuum that does the work for you would be such a convenience.

But as with any product there are a few cons that only can come from personal use. One such complaint includes getting replacement brushes. While using customer support on both the website and telephone went without any problems, the estimated time for delivery of replacement parts was 4 to 6 weeks which could be an awfully long time to wait to run the vacuum.

Another issue can be a problem for for some only in the first days of use and for others even if it is run daily, especially if you have shedding pets. The compartment for debris fills quite quickly. And there is no warning that indicates that the vacuum has been filled to capacity. For some this means interrupting a cleaning cycle to check repeatedly for emptying time.

And although you will save time vacuuming, anyone who owns the iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuum should plan on cleaning the unit after each use. The bin, brushes and often the sensors will need to be cleaned regularly so that it will run properly during its next use.

Also the autodocking sensors are not always reliable. This may have to do with the sensors and dust interrupting the signals, but even after careful maintenance and cleaning one can never be too sure that this feature will work as promised. It is also important to note that the scheduling feature can sometimes be useful but problematic in a busy household.

All in all, though, the positives outweigh the negatives and opinions point the iRobot 560 Roomba Vacuum being a useful addition to your household.

Roomba 610 Review

Designed for small business owners or those with larger areas to clean, the Roomba 610 Professional Series vacuum cleaning robot covers up to 4 rooms on a single battery charge.

The iRobot Roomba 610 Professional Series also has extra brushes, filters and cleaning tools plus a convenient storage case to organize and store the accessories and sweeping bin in one place. Durable paint and bumper guards provide a scratch resistant finish to the iRobot Roomba 610 and more protection for furniture and obstacles.

The iRobot Roomba 610 Professional Series is available on Amazon at over 15% off retail price!

When the regular capacity debris bin is full, it took about five minutes to clean it,including the filters, the brush and roller area. It would have taken less time if I had checked out how to re-insert the brush and roller before I actually popped them out.

Here are some great features of the Roomba 610:

  • Vacuuming robot efficiently picks up dirt, debris, pet hair, dust, allergens and more from carpets and hard floors
  • Designed for small business owners or those with larger areas to clean
  • Cleans the whole floor, under and around furniture, into corners and along wall edges
  • Schedule up to seven cleaning times per week; 3 cleaning modes
  • Measures 17 by 18 by 5 inches; 2-year limited warranty

I am amazed at what the iRobot Roomba 610 picks up. And boy does it go for awhile without having to be emptied. The spot clean feature is great for small areas which I love that and use often.

I needed something to clean several rooms in my house. They are large rooms, so I wanted something like the iRobot 610 to make efficient use of my time. Being a mom of three, I needed help against dirt and dust while still having my arms free for my children.

You need a piece of equipment to take care of large areas, by efficiently vacuuming up any dirt, dust, debris, allergens and more.
If you have pets, it will eliminate the overwhelming amount of pet hair on the floor. It’s extremely user friendly, all you do is press clean and the iRobot 610 will do the rest.

There are three different modes: clean, max, or spot, and each will take to its specialty. In the standard mode the iRobot 610 works a room after it has calculated the size.
The max mode cleans until the battery is dead, while the spot mode cleans a specific area of up to three feet in diameter. Another nice feature is that you can set when you would like the iRobot 610 to clean so you’re free to do what you want. When you get back you will arrive to a nice clean room.

It’s also nice how the vacuum can slide underneath beds, couches or other difficult areas to reach. Not only does it clean the floor, it also has a spinning side brush to tackle any gathered debris in the corners or along the baseboards.
The sturdy bristle brush goes deep into carpet fibers to remove dirt, and the fine filter trap grabs dust and pollen. The iRobot 610 knows what it is doing, if a certain area is dirtier then it spends a little more time making sure it’s clean.

The downfall is it can’t clean continuously like an electric vacuum. It will do its work while the battery is charged, and once its run flat it will need to be recharged. The vacuum also requires a certain amount of cleaning, which means taking apart brushes, front wheel and dust bin. This will have to be done each time, which can be an annoyance.

None of the negatives bothered me though, as the iRobot 610 helps me from being overwhelmed. Knowing my floors are clean for my family and all I have to do is push start removes a lot of stress and effort.

Here’s some of the benefits we discovered –

  • iRobot does all the vacuuming for you.
  • You don’t have to be there and it will still vacuum.
  • There’s no bag.
  • Clean Floors With Minimal Effort
  • Vacuums up dirt, debris, pet hair, allergens, etc.
  • Can detect dirty areas and will spend more time there.

The iRobot 610 is one of the newest Roombas on the market. It is part of the Roomba Professional Series by iRobot. It is an automatically run vacuum cleaner. The battery charge on the vacuum will last four rooms.

It can go in those hard to reach areas, like under furniture, into corners as well as along the walls to remove dust and dirt.

It has a high-capacity sweeper bin so it has the ability to pick up a lot more dirt and debris. You will no longer need to worry about pet hairs and allergens as the iRobot 610 removes them all without you having to lift a finger.

The iRobot 610 has a bristol brush and a beater brush that work together like a dustpan and brush. The suction device on the vacuum picks up all the debris and dirt and deposits it in the sweeper bin. The Roomba has the capability to automatically sense its surroundings and avoid obstacles. It even returns to its charging base automatically when it is finished sweeping.

The Roomba has industrial-strength paint and bumpers so that it will not scratch up appliances or be damaged itself. The max mode is for cleaning larger areas or areas that are dirtier and have heavier traffic. The spot mode cleans smaller areas. The iRobot 610 comes with one extra bristle brush, one extra beater brush, two extra side brushes, two extra filters and two brush-cleaning tools.

The unit is priced at around $600. It comes with a two-year warranty. Most people who have used the Roomba are extremely pleased with its performance. You can schedule in seven cleaning times per week, so the machine is sturdy and durable. The vacuum comes with two virtual wall lighthouses that prevent it from going into restricted areas.

In conclusion, the iRobot 610 is an automatic vacuum cleaner that will do the floors for you while you work on other areas of your home of office. It is a sturdy, rechargeable vacuum cleaning that does the work for you.

We recommend the iRobot 610 the cheapest we could find the product for is at AMAZON.

Roomba 562 Review

The Roomba 562 is designed especially for the hairy situations that pet owners face. You’ll be amazed at the amount of pet hair, kitty litter, paw prints, dirt, dust and debris that Roomba for pets picks up from your carpets and hard floors.

The iRobot Roomba  562 Pet Series cleans on schedule, allowing you to preset up to seven cleaning times per week for Roomba to automatically vacuum wherever and whenever you want.The iRobot  Roomba 562 vacuum seamlessly adjusts from carpets to hard floors and back again.

The iRobot Roomba 562 Pet Series is available on Amazon at over 15% off retail price!

The best part of the Roomba for me is the way it manuevers and navigates under dressers and beds to clean areas that are normally hard to reach with a vacuum.

Here are some great features of the Roomba 562:

  • Designed especially for pet owners to help tackle messy situations
  • Vacuums dirt, debris, pet hair, dust, allergens, cat litter and more from carpets and hard floors
  • Cleans on schedule – Preset up to seven cleaning times per week for Roomba to automatically vacuum wherever & whenever you want
  • Covers up to 4 rooms on a battery charge
  • Automatically senses and avoids stairs and other drop-offs

I’ve found the Roomba 562 vacuum cleaner to be smartly designed, functional, and very durable. Plus, I don’t have to vacuum or mop andymore, so what’s not to love?