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Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector Review 2018 – Best for Beginners

The Bounty Hunter Tracker IV metal detector is the perfect entry level metal detector for those thinking about getting in to this exciting and profitable hobby. The Bounty Hunter tracker IV offers simplicity and ease of use, coupled with excellent metal detecting capabilities. That being said, the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV is, without question, still powerful enough to make seasoned treasure hunter happy.

The Tracker IV is streamlined in appearance and features only two operating knobs and a mode selection switch. The Tracker IV does not have the LCD display that many of Bounty Hunter’s other models boast, featuring instead a large Sensitivity Meter.

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Bounty Hunter Junior Metal Detector Reviews 2018

The Bounty Hunter junior metal detector offers professional metal detecting features for the young or beginning treasure hunter.

The Bounty Hunter Junior’s discrimination control feature will eliminate iron and most unwanted items.

The Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector is easy to operate and emits a sound from the speaker that increases as the target gets closer, this makes tracking treasure easier for the young or novice treasure hunter.

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Best Gold Detectors – Fisher Gold Bug 2 Review 2018

The Fisher Gold Bug 2 metal detector is the standard against which all other gold-hunting metal detectors are compared. The Fisher Gold Bug, the predecessor to the Gold Bug-2, was designed and engineered by Fisher engineers for the sole purpose of finding gold nuggets. The Gold Bug finds small gold nuggets, large gold nuggets, deep gold nuggets and gold nuggets in highly mineralized soil.

The next generation Gold Bug, the Gold Bug-2, was not built to be a replacement for the original Gold Bug. The Gold Bug-2offers many of the successful features of the Gold Bug as well as some new features, making it a distinctly different detector, but the Gold Bug 2 is still designed for the sole purpose of finding gold nuggets.

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Tesoro Lobo Super TRAQ Review 2018

The Tesoro LOBO SuperTRAQ metal detector is designed for gold prospecting. It will find both large and small gold nuggets down to nuggets smaller than a BB under good conditions. It will not find gold dust.

Because the LOBO SuperTRAQ is sensitive to all kinds of metals and has Discrimination circuitry, it is also an excellent instrument for finding different types of buried metal objects such as coins, relics, jewelry, etc.

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Best Detectors For The Pro – Teknetics T2 Metal Detector Review 2018

The Teknetics T2 is a new high-performance multi-purpose professional grade metal detector. It utilizes the latest advances in electronic technology, and its functional design represents the leading edge in metal detector engineering.  According to Teknetics, the T2 is easier to learn to use properly than other comparable metal detectors. Its combination of light weight and balance provides comfort which sets it apart from other detectors in its price range.

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Metal Detector Reviews 2018

Metal detecting is a fast growing hobby that is fun for individuals, families and club organisations. Basically, you use a hand-held electronic unit to search an area for coins or other metal objects. There have been numerous finds that have resulted in substantial monetary outcomes (They got rich!).

Currently there are 5 major metal detecting manufacturers that should be considered when making a decision to purchase a metal detector.

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Garrett GTI 2500 Metal Detector with Treasure Vision and Graphic Target Analyzer Review 2018

The Garrett GTI 2500 metal detector with Treasure Vision and Graphic Target Analyzer truly adds a new dimension to treasure hunting.

A precision electronic instrument that utilizes the miracles of high technology in its Power Master DSP circuitry to help locate coins, jewelry, gold nuggets or any other kind of metallic object. According to Garrett, the GTI 2500 will accomplish more than any other detector manufactured.

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