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Kwikset 909 11P Keyless Door Lock Review 2018

The Kwikset 909 11P Keyless Door Lock, Venetian Bronze is a single cylinder keyless entry deadbolt. The keypad is lighted with a one-touch lock that has a motorized deadbolt. There is an automatic lock feature after thirty seconds and an automatic deadbolt handling.

There is also a keyway alternate entry feature cylinder for smart key, a lock with higher pick resistance which removes the need for old-fashioned keying. It is also bump resistant and you can achieve rekeying with the learning tool included in mere seconds. Polished brass number 909 SMT CP L03. Venetian bronze 11P and Number 909 11P CP SMT nickel satin 15. The dimensions are 10.5 inches by 7.6 inches by 6 inches. With a shipping weight of 2.9 pounds, this product is convenient to use. You can set either of the two codes between four and eight numbers with codes which are easily set.

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Schlage BE365VPLY505 Keyless Door Lock Review 2018

The Schlage BE365VPLY505 Keyless Door Lock, Bright Brass not only fits standard preparations of doors, it also gives you the ease of being able to access your home with no keys and yet, you have complete security. Customizable for meeting all your needs of security, this product has ten thousand combination codes you can choose from and a nineteen-code user capacity. Ideal for back and side doors, this product is also great for garage and front doors. With its 3-year battery life, you don’t have to worry about changing batteries for a quite some time. The product dimensions are 12.7 inches by 6.1 inches by 11.2 inches. The shipping weight of four and a half pounds gives you a hassle-free shipping transaction.

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Sunnect AP501SN Keyless Door Lock Review 2018

The Sunnect AP501SN Keyless Door Lock, Satin Nickel is not only loaded with style, but is durable and complements all types of décor. Designed by engineers that are leaders in the industry, this product is manufactured with ISO 9001 management certifications of quality and top notch five-star facilities for manufacturing. Durable materials and construction which is high quality is able to withstand any type of prying, hammering and kicking. The deadbolt lock is controlled digitally and has a couple of different tag keys that are electronic. Entry is allowed by the lock when the tag key touches it and it is not necessary to worry about stolen or lost tag keys. This is because you just delete the tags from this product and anyone who finds the tag key will find them useless. A keyless entry option is another alternative. All you need to do is create and enter a pass code of between 3 digits up to 20digits and the door opens.

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iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock Review 2018

With the iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Keyless Door Lock, Silver, you have access to technology for recognition of fingerprints. With this product, you will be able to give your family members and especially your children easy access into the home with no worries about key loss. This product uses the latest in entrance biometric technology which has a one hundred and fifty capacity for storage for models that are single tubular latch-types. This product is able to replace standard door lock-types. This door lock has a sliding cover in the front which not only lets you have protection for the sensor but also activates the scanner for fingerprints when it is lifted and can be accessible by pass code, fingerprints of by back up keys.

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Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Keyless Door Lock Review 2018

With the Schlage FE595VCAM619ACC Keyless Door Lock, Satin Nickel gone are the days when you had to hide the key beneath your rug. No more forgetting, losing or having extra keys manufactured yet again. You can step up to a flexible, secure solution with this new product. With only a screwdriver required for installation, you are free to delete, change or add for users in less than a minute. Ideal for the garage, side doors or exterior doors, this product is known traditionally as a provider of top security to both businesses and homes.

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