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Best Inversion Table Reviews 2018

Benefits of Inversion Tables

An inversion table — also called a gravitational traction — is an exercising equipment used in inversion therapy. Inversion therapy is the process of hanging upside down in order to counteract the stressful effects of gravity on the body — specially the knees, pelvis and spine. It is believed to relieve back pain and other spine related problems. An inversion table is used for flipping the body over, so one can unload the pressure from the joints in the body; this is believed to create a traction force which is very beneficial for strengthening the body.

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Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table Review 2018

Inversion Therapy improves your overall body condition and allows you to function at your best by optimizing lumbar traction and relieving pressure on your vertebrae discs and ligaments.

Inversion Tables are invented for reducing back stress, increasing flexibility and stimulating blood circulation.

The Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table is manufactured to serve this purpose well. Ironman Gravity 4000 helps to increase your body flexibility for improved athletic performance, reducing the effects of aging due to gravity, and relieving lower backaches due to sitting or standing for too long.

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Stamina Inversion Table Review 2018

Stamina Inversion Table relieves your body from pressure and gives you recovery from effects of gravity, stress and compression brought about by just sitting or standing for longer hours and putting weight on legs and skeletal system.

Performing your routine with this Stamina inversion table helps increase blood circulation, elongates your spine, relieves muscle tension and strengthens your back. Pains and stress are relieved as it reduces pressure on nerve roots and ligaments and spinal disks with regular use.

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Best Inversion Table Review 2018

Inversion Table Summary

Inversion tables have been around since the 80’s but they have been gaining popularity only in the last few years. While the benefits of inversion therapy have been known for some time, users needed equipment that is tested to high standards for comfort and safety. Today there are excellent brands that offer high-end inversion tables with sophisticated features; users can be assured that they are buying inversion devices that are efficient, safe and very comfortable to use. Most inversion tables are designed with ease-of-use and effectiveness in mind. Majority of inversion table brands build tables that serve dual purposes: to reap the wonderful benefits on inversion therapy — decompress and relieve pressure from the spine and joints — and for strengthening the core muscles. Training the core muscles is very important to keep the body strong and maintain stamina. Some tables allow users to isolate core muscles and offer challenging AB crunches.

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Gravity Inversion Therapy Table Review 2018

The Gravity Inversion Therapy Table will encourage your body to heal and recover from the natural effects of everyday gravity, compression and stress. This machine was made for people that are between 4′ 10” to 6′ 6”. This product will address problems faced in your spine, muscles and blood circulation and it will strengthen your back at the same time. This can be used by both experienced or amateur inversion table practitioners.

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Elite Fitness Inversion Table

The Elite Fitness Inversion Table is the unique solution for helping you to relieve tension in your joints, pain in your back and to improve the overall circulation for your body without needing to visit your local masseuse. It works by using the natural forces of gravity by turning your body upside down.

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LifeGear Inversion Table Review 2018

The LifeGear Inversion Table is the preferred economical solution for your exercise and health needs. It may not necessarily have the extra features usually found on inversion tables that are currently available on the market today, but it will allow you to experience the same benefits Mother Nature has to offer through the natural force of gravity.

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