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Troy-Bilt TB144 Gas Garden Rototiller Review 2018

The Troy-Bilt gas garden rototiller is a two in one machine because alongside its tilling capabilities it can also act as an edger. With no tools it can be quickly converted either way, making it a versatile garden tool.

The power for the Troy-Bilt gas garden rototiller is via a 4 cycle petrol motor so there are no worries with mixing the right fuel : oil mixture. The effort required to start it has been reduced by the presence of a spring assisted starting mechanism – this apparently allows the machine to be started with a slow and steady pull.

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Mantis 7225-00-02 2-Cycle Garden Rototiller Review 2018

Mantis Gas Garden Rototiller Description

The Mantis gas garden rototiller is the cousin to the electrical versions so this model gives a wee bit more independence from power cords. Again it is no toy – being powered by a two cycle, commercial grade gas engine it has some power for rototilling. It is easily moveable at 20 pounds and because it is only 9 inches wide is very maneuverable in tight spaces.

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Earthwise TC70001 Garden Rototiller Review 2018

Earthwise Garden Rototiller Description

The Earthwise Garden Rototiller is one answer to the following question: What size powered tiller is best for the garden, a large gas powered model or a smaller more compact electric model. Well it really depends on the size of the areas you want to cultivate and the nature of the ground you want the rototiller to work in.

As an alternative to hoeing or shoveling over by hand and in confined spaces, clearly you are better off with an electric powered model that is relatively light. The Earthwise Garden Rototiller is ideal for working up such areas. More importantly it is very quiet, and because of its compact nature is very easy for people of all strength levels to maneuver. As well, it takes up a minimum of storage space.

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Yard Machines 121R Gas Garden Rototiller Review 2018

Yard Machines Gas Garden Rototiller Description

Yard Machines Gas Garden Rototiller is a one horsepower rototiller designed for smaller areas of garden with the independence of a gas powered motor to drive it.

The Yard Machines Gas Garden Rototiller is easy to assemble, mainly to do with attaching the handles.  It is relatively light at thirty pounds and has large 8 inch diameter wheels so is easily mobile from shed to garden. The wheels are also an advantage when wanting to shift it about the garden.

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Mantis 7250-00-02 3-Speed Garden Rototiller Review 2018

Mantis Garden Rototiller Description

What machine does the work of a hoe, grubber and shovel at the same time and all you have to do is hold onto it and walk behind it? There are no starting issues or loud noise and fumes – Answer: the Mantis garden rototiller. You don’t judge a book by its cover so it is a mistake to judge the effectiveness of this rototiller by its size.

It is small, weighing 21 pounds, but this makes the Mantis garden rototiller portable and maneuverable when in use. It is a three speed model so you choose between cultivating, tilling and digging. Once plugged in you push a button and to get the tines to do their work you squeeze the throttle control on the handle. The tines rotate at up to 240 RPM, cut a path of 9 inches wide and can till up to a depth of 10 inches, even in hard soil. If you want to use the Mantis garden rototiller for some shallow tilling then you reverse the tines and the tilling depth is reduced to 3 inches. Reversing the tines is easy.

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Troy-Bilt TB154 Garden Rototiller Review 2018

Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller Description

The development of the Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller has increased the choices available for tilling the garden. The two choices used to be either manually, using a hoe or digging over with a shovel, or buy or hire a gas powered rototiller. The problem was that usually the gas powered rototiller was expensive to hire, quite heavy, and not that easy to maneuver.

The Troy-Bilt garden rototiller has come to the rescue. It is light, powerful, and runs on electricity. So all you have to do is plug it into the power and with the push of a button you know you have “lift off”. The Troy-Bilt Garden Rototiller has a powerful 6.5 amp motor which drives the forward rotating cutting tines through a durable gear drive transmission.

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