Can Storm Window Parts Save Your Existing Windows?

There is no doubt that the storm window is one of the most effective solutions to excessive wind drafts and heat loss through old and ill fitting windows, and this solution has been applied for many years. Some of the existing storm windows are not in the greatest of condition, as they have inevitably aged and ceased to fit properly themselves.

When storm windows have obviously reached the point where they are no longer able to satisfy the function they were designed and installed for, it is obviously time to make a change. This change can take several forms, beyond the obvious change of simply taking them down and putting new ones up. The most dramatic change of all will be to do away with storm windows altogether and rely on the glass in your outside windows. To do this, you will need to have a completely new set of windows fitted at huge expense. This solution is only really for those who know they want to benefit from Energy Star glass in their external windows.

Having new storm windows installed is a far cheaper and more practical solution, but even that may be unnecessary if you can obtain the right parts. If the existing windows are old, and made with traditional materials, it is very possible that they will have warped and that a complete replacement will be needed to give you the degree of insulation that your home needs. Replacement could also be necessary if your storm windows were on the outside of the building, and were damaged by the type of storm they were designed to protect the building from.

Assuming that you have always been happy with the performance of your storm windows, you may well want to keep them in place and simply find replacement storm window parts. If the windows are a relatively recent installation, the manufacturer may still be making both the windows and the replacement parts. If so, you have a great advantage and may well be able to locate exactly what you need. If the model has been recently discontinued, you may still be able to find similar parts which will do the job, assuming there are similar window designs still being made by the same company.

Finding replacement parts for old windows, or for windows which have been extensively damaged by storms or extreme weather, will not be so easy. You can always try an old style retailer of this type of equipment, just to see if they have anything which can be useful left in stock. In some cases, it will be possible to just alter one small part of the existing window structure so that a part designed for different windows will fit the ones you have. It is even possible to perform major surgery by effectively welding one old window onto a new one, so that different fittings can be used.

Carrying out the work of fitting the storm window parts is something which needs a degree of practical skill, so it is certainly not for a novice or newcomer. Anyone with a reasonable level of skill and experience in do it yourself will find it possible to do the job, unless it is something incredibly intricate or delicate. Only on rare occasions will you need to employ the services of a professional to carry out the work for you. If you do need assistance, you may be able to find it from the same small shop you used to source storm window parts.