Brother SE350 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review 2018

Best Embroidery Machine Reviews presents the Brother SE-350 Sewing and Embroidery Machine. The Brother computerized sewing machines have added a new amazing sewing machine from their line of computerized machines that are loved by a lot of sewing enthusiast worldwide. The Brother SE350 is the newest addition that carries the best features for your sewing. It has a USB hub built into the machine where you can just attach a USB connector from your computer into the sewing machine. From there, you can easily copy and paste your patterns and designs into the drive of your sewing and embroidery machine.

The Brother SE350 is also packed with 67 built-in stitches, 98 stitch functions and 10 types of the 1 step buttonhole maker. For your embroidery needs, this Brother machine is also built with 70 embroidery designs, 5 monogramming fonts and 120 frame pattern combinations which gives you freedom in choosing the patterns and match them together to create your very first Brother SE350 sewing machine project.

Furthermore a combination of the usual Brother sewing features were also added such as the automatic threader that threads your needles easily, a one push button thread cutter that cuts your threads instantly, 15 needle positions with a maximum sewing speed of 170 stitches per minute, a free arm, snap on presser foot attachment, drop feed function and an embroidery field of 4 x 4 inches. This and all other additional features will definitely make your sewing experience great.

The backlit LCD touch screen display has been a common special feature on the Brother sewing machines but with Brother SE 350, it was more enhanced with its larger screen, touch screen option, capable of editing your designs at a touch of a finger, and has an onscreen reference guide built in 16 different languages. The package also includes an instructional CD that has bilingual features of English and Spanish. Understanding how the Brother SE-350 works is so easy with its wide lists of language capacity. This Brother sewing machine is best for quilting, sewing, embroidery, decoration or just simple hemming and mending.

Brother SE350 Features and Specifications

  • Computer capability with USB hub and connector for easy transfer of patterns and designs from the computer into the sewing machine.
  • Built in sewing features with 67 sewing stitches, 98 stitch functions and 10 buttonhole styles from its one step buttonhole maker.
  • Built-in embroidery features of 70 built-in embroidery designs, 5 fonts for monograms and 120 frame pattern combinations for your embroidery choices.
  • Automatic stitching features such as the automatic threader that threads the needle easily, the one push button thread cutter, easy drop in bobbin feature for easy bobbin replacement, 4×4 inch hoop size and a stitching speed of 710 stitches per minute.
  • Backlit LCD touch screen for easy option choices, editing and on screen help guide in 16 languages.
    Complete accessories on an accessory bag, a hard cover for the machine, user manual and an instructional CD in Spanish and English.

Brother SE350 Customer Ratings and Reviews

One of the reviews about the Brother SE 350 states that after the moment the reviewer bought the machine, she hasn’t encountered any trouble with it aside from the issue that it only has a limited hoop of 4×4 inches which limits the range of design to 4×4 inches. Another plus of the product mentioned was because of the very light weight the Brother SE-350 is easy to carry around. The fact that the Brother SE350 is very user friendly has enticed most of the customers in buying the featured sewing machine. The built in designs and patterns are also of high quality especially the alphabet making one of the customers wanting to buy another set of Brother SE350 after the current one is worn out.

One review also said the patterns and designs that were pre-loaded are of good quality and are suitable for any type embroidery projects. The LCD screen was also liked since it makes the selections and editing of designs very easy. The button thread cutter and the automatic threader were also mentioned as very useful features on this machine. Another review stated the machine was a bit noisy compared to other machines available, but overall customers were very satisfied with the quality and features presented in this sewing and embroidery machine.