Brother LB6800PRW Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review 2018

Best Embroidery Machine Reviews presents the Brother LB6800PRW Sewing and Embroidery Machine. Having a sewing machine created over a top rated fashion designing reality show is such an empowerment and inspiring especially for those beginners. We all know that Project Runway is produced with high end and top of the line quality designers and ramp models who strut creations by their contestants on the mainstream fashion shows and with that quality and inevitable degree of performance that is expected from their aspiring fashion designers. Their tools such as the Brother LB680PRW should perform at its best too.

The Brother LB6800PRW sewing and embroidery machine is not just the best in sewing, this machine is also great for embroidery. The Brother LB6800PRW is a computer compatible sewing machine that allows you to transfer your customized or downloaded designs directly from your computer into the Brother LB6800PRW. This is made possible by the USB hub connected by a connector where transferring your patterns is just as easy as copying and pasting since Brother LB6800PRW will be recognized by your computer as an external hard drive. The amazing features of the Brother LB6800PRW don’t just end there. It has 67 built in stitches for the different stitch styles you need for your project, 70 built in embroidery designs that you can use right away after you finished setting up the machine, 5 monogramming fonts and 120 frame pattern combinations for the endless variety of choices you can make and have fun with.

The Brother LB6800PRW also has easy bobbin options that will help you set your bobbins or remove them; this technology is called the Quick-set drop-in bobbin. It also has an automatic needle threading system that threads the sewing machine automatically on the first phase of the sewing process. Included into its sewing function is the bobbin winding which winds your bobbin easier and faster. The Brother LB6800PRW also has an LCD display with back lit so that you can easily see your patterns and the different options and access the on screen help option.

The Brother LB6800PRW also comes in a luxurious Project Runway custom fashion rolling bag so that your deluxe sewing machine is protected from scratches and dust that may ruin the machine. Also the project runway fashion rolling bag makes it easier to take it around to workshops and classes.

Making button holes won’t be a hassle with the Brother LB6800PRW. With its 5 style automatic button holes maker, making your button holes with appropriate styles for your project is much easier. The amazing features don’t end just there; the Brother LB6800PRW also has features such as the reverse/reinforcement stitch and needle-stop position control, and presser-foot pressure adjustment and a presser-foot leveling button.

Brother LB6800PRW Features and Specifications

  • Maximum computer compatibility. This sewing machine is compatible with computers under Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac. It also has a USB hub for easy transfer of patterns from your computer and into the sewing machine.
  • Built in sewing features such as its 67 sewing stitches, 70 built in embroidery designs, 5 different fonts for monogramming and 120 frame pattern combinations that you can mix and match so you can start your very first embroidery project right away.
  • 4×4 inch working space for your designs.
  • Sewing features like Quick-Set drop-in bobbin, automatic bobbin winding and automatic needle threader that makes bobbin changes and removal easy and also the built-in needle threading feature.
  • Electronic Variable Sewing Speed Control allows you to choose your desired sewing speed for ultimate sewing comfort.
  • LCD touch screen display that displays your designs and options for the sewing.
  • Project runway luxury rolling bag for the protection of the sewing and embroidery machine from scrapes and scratches.
  • 25 year limited warranty.

Brother LB6800PRW Customer Ratings and Reviews

Having the name Project runway on it, it is not a surprise for buyers to expect the best out of the Brother LB6800PRW. One of the reviews said that they liked the ease of design and pattern transfer from their computer into the sewing machine. According to them, the connectivity feature has been a relief when transferring their patterns since it has a USB connector which you can easily attach into your computer and into the USB hub of the embroidery machine. The embroidery machine will be detected as an external drive so that you can easily copy and paste your patterns. The special sewing features such as the push button thread cutter were quoted as “awesome” by one of the reviews saying that cutting the thread is much easier once the sewing and the embroidery is done. The auto threader does the same which according to one customer “threading is usually a pain, but with Brother LB6800PRW’s auto threading feature threading the needles has never been a problem anymore”.

The rolling cart idea also made an impact to most customers stating that the bag completely compliments the machine every time it has to be brought somewhere for either a sewing class or for work. The luggage can also be the best storage unit for the machine to keep it away from dust that may damage the machine’s performance. Also the LCD display has hit the spotlight which was liked by most constomers and by that, they said that they can easily change the settings and options at any time they desire and ofcourse by just using the tip of their fingers.

However a few downsides have been noted, such as the price that was more expensive compared to the Brother SE400 which has the same features. Overall the reviews of the Brother LB6800PRW are very positive and we can recommend this embroidery sewing machine as well for beginners as for experienced sewing fanatics.