Bosch Impact Driver Review 2018

The Bosch Impact Driver features a powerful hammer that will include the Anvil system. With this tool, you will get 800 in/lbs of pure torque. This is what makes this tool well worth the addition to your toolbox. This tool is one of the more expensive brands of tools which is why it is another great tool for the price. When you associate the name of Bosch with tools, you get the high end quality as well as the ability to know that the tool that you are purchasing is going to last you years.

The Bosch Impact Driver has a motor that is high end performance and comes with all metal gears. You will get 1800 RPM’s along with 3000 BPM which allows for the fast fastening to be performed. Not only do you get the power that you need, you also get a tool that can get the job done quickly.

Bosch Impact Driver offers you a compact driver that is as light as it is compact. The small size allows for you to get into the tight spaces that you might not otherwise be able to work in. The impact driver measures in at just 6 ½ inches long with a mere 2.2 pounds. If you are in a hurry and need to get a job done quickly, you will be able to do so as this offers a great feature of being able to change from a drill bit to a driver bit quite easily. The HEX quick change is going to allow you to instantly change from one to another in a matter of just seconds.

Here are some great features of Bosch Impact Driver:

– 60% more torque than 18V drill/driver – 800 in.-lbs of max torque
– High Performance Motor and All Metal Gears Deliver 1,800 RPM and 3,000 BPM for fast fastening
– LED Light Ring — 3 LEDs illuminate work area for use in dark areas
– Spring-Loaded Impact Mechanism — Reduces user fatigue
– 1/4″ hex drive with quick release of the tool for optimum lighting

When you need to work in the dark and have to be able to see what you are doing, the LED work light that is featured on this set will allow you to see what you are doing in the front of you while still keeping the toolset as normal as the brands that do not offer this. Of all the brands on the market, Bosch is one of the best and since its one of the best and the price is right, you can be sure that you are not going to double think the money spent on this tool for your toolbox.

Here’s what one of the owners had to say about Bosch Impact Driver:

What I really liked about the driver, was not only it’s small light weight size, but the control it gave over the counter sinking of screw heads. After over-driving hundreds of deck screws with a drill, I found the PS-40 to be a real pleasure on the arm and precise in setting screw head depth. Further, the speed of the bit is easily controlled with trigger pressure. If you are looking for that all around tool for your tool shop, this is it. (By SeaWolf’s Home Workshop Blog)

– Review Paraphrased for size –

If you can find this tool on sale, you can be sure that this would make it an even better deal, however, if you can not find it on sale, you will want to purchase it anyways. Your toolbox will not be complete without the Bosch Impact Driver!