BOSCH 36618-02 REVIEW 2018

This is probably the best 18V cordless drill that I’ve reviewed yet on this website. The sheer amount of 5-star reviews and ratings which this cordless drill has received is simply outstanding. The Bosch 36618-02 comes jam packed with features such as innovative and powerful batteries as well as unique durable outer casing which means this drill easily stands up to the roughness of every day life. A great drill at a great price. Read on for a full list of features and a detailed review.


Bosch is of course one of the most well known brands in the cordless drill market today. Consistently, they deliver high quality products that quite simply just “do exactly what it says on the tin”. This Bosch 36618-02 18V cordless drill seems to follow suit with previous products in offering an excellent amount of features for a more than reasonable price. Let’s jump straight into the feature list.

Innovative and Powerful Batteries. The Bosch 36618-02 comes with state of the art lithium-ion batteries alongside Bosch’s proprietary electronic cell protection system to provide maximum cycle life, minimum self-discharge and no memory-effect. The charge time on these batteries is quite outstanding, a full charge takes 30 minutes and the battery will be charged to 85% in just 15 minutes.

Lightweight and Easy to Handle. This drill is one pound lighter than comparable 18V NiCd cordless drills. No more being weighed down – making a wide range of jobs simply easier.

Power When You Need It. The Bosch 36618-02 can work at a maximum speed of 1,600 rpm which is faster than most comparable 18V cordless drills. This dill also delivers 500 inch-pounds of torque making this a great and very powerful tool for a wide variety of jobs.

Durable Construction For Reliable Results. This drill comes with durashield housing which is constructed with an ABS/Nylon composite which makes the housing tough, flexible and impenetrable. This means the Bosch 36618-02 can easily resist real world conditions such as accidental drops. Also featured is a steel-reinforced collar to protect the nose of the drill. This prevents the chuck from breaking in the event of a drop on the nose of the drill. This seems to be a very tough drill indeed.


Unique and Flexible Power System. With the Bosch 36618-02 you get two 18V slim batteries. These are great and means that the drill is very light and easy to use. However, you also get a choice of using either the slim batteries or indeed a fatter battery pack which will give you a longer lasting charge. So whether you want a lightweight drill or a longer lasting charge – Bosch has you covered! In their own words “Bosch is the only power tool manufacturer that provides this option”.

One-handed Bit Changes. Easily change the bit in the single-sleeve 1/2 inch chuck with one hand. This chuck also allows for increased drill-bit capacity for more versatility.

Newly Designed Grip. For maximum control, balance and comfort the Bosch 36618-02 has a newly designed grip with additional finger support. And of course, more comfort means less fatigue and overall a higher quality of work!

ProVantage Guarantee. With the Bosch 36618-02 you get a guarantee on the tool itself for one year as well as a guarantee on the batteries for two years. This means you can receive tool replacement for one year as well as battery replacement for two years. Not only this, but when you buy from Amazon you’re also protected by their amazing customer service.


I’m glad to report in this Bosch 36618-02 Review that this 18V cordless drill has received probably the best customer reviews and ratings that I’ve ever come across on Amazon yet! Of 132 customer ratings, the Bosch 36618-02 received 111 5-star reviews as well as a further 19 4-star reviews. That’s a staggering 130/132 4 or 5 star reviews! Not only that, but not a single person gave this drill a 1-star review. Outstanding.

The power of this drill seems to be a high point for most customers. The drills runs nice and smooth and has an “excellent power to weight ratio” as one customer put it. The power of the Bosch 36618-02 really does allow for a wide variety of jobs to be completed with ease. Customers have described how this drill easily completed a variety of tasks such as sinking 3? deckmates into framing lumber or backboard screws as well as another customer who used the drill to assemble 4 picnic tables using hundreds of screws and all on one charge of the battery! This drill seems to handle most tasks with ease including drywall, fine woodworking and rough carpentry.

Clearly one of the main advantages of purchasing the Bosch 36618-02 is the innovative lithium-ion batteries. Not enough good things can be said about the amazing 30 minutes full charge. Not only this, but this drill really does seem to hold it’s charge like nothing else. The fact that two batteries come included means you’ll probably never have any downtime due to no charge ever again – simply charge one while you’re using the other! The choice between slim and fat batteries for either less weight or a longer lasting charge is also a very nice touch.

I now come to the one very small negative point of this Bosch 36618-02 Review. This being the minor complaints which have been received in regard to the newly designed grip. I only mention this because I feel I must in order to give a complete picture of this drill – but a customer or two has found the new angled grip to be a little uncomfortable. I wouldn’t let this put you off purchasing the Bosch 36618-02 but it’s just good to be aware of it. The many advantages of this Bosch 36618-02 far outweigh this one small disadvantage though.

Lastly, I must say that this drill has unquestionable durability. The layers of housing constructed from ABS/Nylon composite as well as the re-enforced motor and gears really make this one tough drill which can easily withstand accidental drops of up to 10 feet.

Probably one of the best drills I’ve ever reviewed and customer seem to really love it. I mean, 130/132 4 or 5 star reviews don’t really lie … the Bosch 36618-02 is one fantastic and definitely 5-star worthy drill.


Without a question Amazon is the best place to purchase this headset. Their truly fantastic customer service combined with their cheap shipping deals and frequent discount prices they just can’t be beat.