Bosch 1250DEVS 6-1/2 Amp 6-Inch Random Orbit Sander Review 2018

Belt Sander Reviews – The Bosch 1250DEVS 6-1/2 Amp 6-Inch Random Orbit Sander is not the cheapest model you can buy but is very powerful and has some great features included. This can be used by professionals and amateurs alike and can tackle most jobs.

This sander has multi-purpose functionality included and incorporates two different sanding modes. The first of these modes is a random mode which can cater for normal removal of stock and particles and finer detailed work if finishing up a job that requires a delicate touch. Then there is the more aggressive mode you can use which allows you operate at five times the power and speed of the normal rate. This can be used for harder jobs that need increased removal of particles. It is very easy to use this tool and switch between the two modes.

Other features of this sander are the motor that is powerful to deal with most situations and creates a smooth finish on almost all surfaces used upon. The model is also full up of features focuses on power and convenience for the user. These include a speed dial that allows you to easily change the speed of the tool for whatever job you require it to do. This tool also features a system that will stop the machinery over loading while working.

The vast majority of reviews for this product were very complimentary and most customers loved the fact that the tool features two modes so you do not have to change to a different tool for different levels of work.


This sander features a motor that is 6 ½ amps and allows heavy sanding work and longer life

  • Soft start functionality is included which reduces the torque on starting up
  • Speed dial allows variable speeds to be set determined by the job you need to perform
  • Speed dial for variable speeds is located on the handle
  • Normal mode for finer detailed jobs
  • Aggressive mode for tougher jobs
  • Complete protection against over loading
  • Tool weighs 5.3 pounds
  • Comes complete with warranty of 1 year

The Reviews

Most of the reviews for this product were extremely positive. The comments largely focused on the power and performance of the sander. Also, in addition, the fact that it is easy to change between two varying modes eliminates the need to change tools halfway through a job.

There were a couple of comments that complained about the quality of the tool and that it did not feel particularly smooth or safe to use when operating.

Despite a couple of concerns over the quality of this tool, most felt that it had everything they could want in terms of durability, performance and power. It is definitely worth investing in this particular model, not least because you are effectively getting two sanders in one with the normal and aggressive mode settings. Above all, this tool seems to be extremely easy to operate and comfortable too. These aspects combined with overall performance mean you could purchase a lot worse.